The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 97

As I move my way through these many days of G.O’s military enlistment, I continue to learn more about him while enjoying his performances, whether singing or acting, as well as his variety show or red carpet appearances. Even his many endorsements. I give fair warning that even if the endorsement yields just a single picture, it will be well worth sharing here because I am always going to be interested in buying into what he is selling!

The man seriously has me wrapped around one (if not all ten) of his long, elegant fingers. As long as he continues to inspire me, I will have all the energy I need to get through these remaining 634 days of his enlistment. In fact, revisiting the cute from his Recharge Energy Drink endorsement is just as effective as if I shared with him a can of the beverage itself.

I think he would share a sip, if asked politely!~^^


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