The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 95

It is once again time to for me to share another G.O One Shot and a GIF is in rotation for today. For some reason, I am feeling the lure and pull of romantic G.O at the moment so a softer picture seems about right for Day 95.

Warm, inviting, cozy and romantic.

There have been many moments captured during the filming of the teaser MV for G.O’s second digital single Play That Song that have been transformed into GIF files, and I will share more as the days pass. They are all gorgeous because the MV in its entirety is gorgeous, and the man in the MV is also gorgeous! Even though the MV teaser appears to have been a behind the scenes of the making of what could have and SHOULD HAVE been a full length MV for the song, or was perhaps simply a video capturing BTS moments of a photo shoot for the CD art, it was still sprinkled with romance born out of the sheer presence of G.O, and his beautiful song.

I know I have mentioned before that when G.O moves into more pensive and thoughtful moments, there is warmth that leaps from the screen. Mmmmmmm….

Sometimes just looking at G.O feels like a hug.



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