The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 93

For Day 93, I said to myself: Ok, I challenge you, Michele. Pick a random episode from Sesame Player, watch it, and find one thing in that episode to write about for Day 93 of G.O’s service. I wanted something short, sweet and silly. I found such a moment in Episode 11.^^

Ok, so choosing Episode 11 was not completely that random. Heh. I chose number 11 because that is the month of G.O’s birth. There is always going to be some kind of method to my madness, right? Anyway, I rewatched  Ep. 11 and much to my delight found a quick silly G.O moment to share.

In a moment of play with leader Seung Ho and tall little brother, Thunder, G.O showed off his ability to be a rather proficient drummer. A musician of his caliber is bound to be able to pick up any instrument, acclimate and play to some degree. Even air drums with the SeungDoong Brothers drum. Observe:

Byung Hee appears to have some decent rhythm. I suspect if you sat him behind a drum kit, he would bang out a pretty impressive beat.

No doubt it helped that Seung Ho and Thunder were so wonderfully (and playfully) in sync with our cute drummer boy! Sesame Player was such a feel good show and so very entertaining. Admittedly after my last post, I was looking for something short, light and playful.

This cheeky moment was perfect. I am finding that it is always good to keep one’s diet of G.O properly balanced between his intensely powerful and emotional music and his delightfully humorous play time! G.O really is a unique blend of what is so intoxicating and attractive in a man. Are you feeling woozy yet?^^


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  1. Nan says:

    I have been emotional and down all day… cute G.O. was what I needed to start feeling better. Thanks Michele. *hugs*

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