The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 85

G.O and Mir. It had to be fate, destiny or written somewhere that these two gentle spirits were going to cross paths and become one very powerful rap-vocal OST duo. They released two songs in 2012 and one in 2013 for three different original soundtracks. I think they are due for another one, don’t you ~ well, once G.O completes his service. For Day 85, I want to revisit my fave of the OST work exclusive to G.O and Mir, 천국이니까 [Because It’s Heaven/Winter Rain] from the Korean drama, The King of Dramas.

천국이니까 [Because It’s Heaven/Winter Rain] was G.O and Mir’s second OST release (and not to worry, I plan to love on the other two at some point here…..I have many days yet to cover so all will be honored in due time). Where was I? Ah yes, this was the mighty duo’s second OST collaboration and was partially revealed in Episode 13 of The King of Dramas which aired on December 17, 2012 before it was officially released on December 26th.

There is so much that I love about this song. The sweeping strings and electric guitar layered with the melodic piano, G.O’s beautiful voice and Mir’s powerful rap. The classical musical feel of the song is quite artfully combined with the rap. Creating romance…with an edge. Much like love, the song ebbs and flows. Sometimes serene, sometimes turbulent.  Overall, 천국이니까 [Because It’s Heaven/Winter Rain] is a delicious blend of pop, rock, classical and rap. So good.

And what about that rap?! Mir’s rap is not simply a one instance moment in the song. He consistently has solo verses all to himself. We also get a little taste of G.O weaving his voice around Mir’s rap in the latter part of the song. This is an element I so very much love!! G.O understands very well that his voice is a bona fide musical instrument. I always look forward to those unscripted moments in a song where there are no lyrics yet G.O still reveals his heart through artistic improvisations using the beautiful instrument of his incredible voice. Mmm…yes, I love when feeling and emotion race through him and he releases it in music, with or without lyrics.

Producers from The King of Dramas said of the song:

It’s a fast-paced song that mixes singing and rapping.
It’s going to help emphasize the tension between
the characters in the drama.
It’s different from the previous two songs,
and you’ll be able to feel MBLAQ’s charms through it.

Charm. Yes, these two sure do have a lot of that, and in abundance.~^^


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