The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 84

If I was shopping for a watch in September of 2011, I would have been SOLD on the Armani Exchange watches our outrageously gorgeous main vocal G.O was modeling in the October 2011 issue of GQ Korea. I don’t even mind that they were watches for men. Sold, I tell you……s.o.l.d.

When Armani Exchange chose G.O (along with Lee Joon) for their watch campaign in fall 2011, they said of the two:

G.O. and Lee Joon have a global image,
in that their popularity extends past Asia and into the European music market.
Their explosive energy fits well with the freedom expressed in AX’s brand image.

Explosive energy indeed. The kind that is brimming with passion, focus and intensity. I definitely would say that of both G.O and Joon. Armani Exchange got it right.

The one thing I noticed early on about G.O that I found expressly attractive is that he is in possession of some very strong forearms and shapely wrists. I am going to refrain from talking about his gorgeous hands and will leave that for a later post. Have you ever noticed how exquisitely nice a watch and/or bracelet of any kind look on him?

I don’t know if it is the ratio between the perfect bone structure and shape of his wrists to his wonderfully chiseled forearms that makes it work. The balance is so very aesthetically pleasing. On second thought, perhaps the answer is much simpler . . . maybe it’s just G.O.


[Image cr. GQ Korea]



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