The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 66

Any man with a soft spot for animals will forever hold a permanent soft spot in my heart. Not that G.O needs to do anything further to win my heart, mind you. But I do love that he has a genuine appreciation for our friends from the animal kingdom, and they seem to like him as well.

I absolutely love dogs. And although the little fluff bundle up there comes pretty close to actually accomplishing it, nothing will be able to best G.O’s individual adorable factor. In fact, placing a cute dog in G.O’s arms only enhances his adorable quotient! I get the feeling G.O really likes dogs, but according to him, a fur allergy keeps him from owning one. Reptiles, on the other hand, are allergy-free, clean, and have proven to forge a great friendship with our main vocal.

By the time G.O had to do a photo shoot with a reptile, he was already a daddy to a couple of them so naturally he had a grace and ease in front of the camera while working with a snake in this teaser pic from the Sexy Beat era. This photograph is pure art and absolutely beautiful. The color balance between G.O’s hair, shirt, skin tone and the colors of the snake are aesthetically harmonious. Look at the way the snake is gently resting its head upon G.O’s wrist while the rest of its body languidly drapes along his forearm. The composition of this photograph is exquisite. Two mysterious beings, one picture. Love.

To full on enjoy G.O’s level of adorable with animal interaction, however, we have to turn to episodes of MBC’s Idol Manager and Radio Star.

In Idol Manager, the moment Manager Kyunglim meets Jung Sambaek (G.O’s lizard) is priceless. I love that G.O gave Kyunglim a ‘mission’ to courageously touch/pet Sambaek. Thankfully, she had G.O’s ever patient coaching along with the encyclopedia of factoids in his brain that he shared about alligators and lizards which helped ease her fear. In the end, mission accomplished, Sambaek’s cuteness (or maybe it was G.O’s cuteness) eased Kyunglim into making friends with the little lizard!^^

I admit to being a little squeamish around reptiles myself, but I can assure you that if I had G.O coaching me through it, I would become fast friends with our cold-blooded, scaly friends!!! And frankly, if it meant that G.O would have to hold my wrist steady while he placed Sambaek into my palm…


Well, where do I sign up???

During the September 11, 2013 episode of Radio Star [Stars with Animal Companion], G.O introduced the panel to his pet alligator, Akdoli. We all know in a recent tweet from G.O’s sister that sweet Akdoli passed away. But not before G.O and his family gave the miniature alligator a comfortable life with some pretty decent celebrity status of his very own.


I think my favorite moment of the Radio Star broadcast, however, was when G.O was calmly hanging out with a snake wrapped around his neck. This is going to sound way way WAY out there, but I believe animals sense calm, anger, fear, agitation, etc. I think G.O’s calm kept the snake calm. I just love it….LOVE IT!! Here are a couple of moments of G.O during the Radio Star episode:

It gives me such a warm feeling knowing that G.O is an animal lover. He shares that love with his MBLAQ brothers as well as with his family. It is fortunate that his sister and her family help care for the pets he has owned often taking over the full-time care and housing of them. G.O was always able to rest easy knowing his little friends remained safe and loved.

Sweet overload!!!

This big strapping Great Dane appears to have possibly been a gift to his nephews and niece as we have seen subsequent tweets from G.O’s sister of the children with and ever-growing ‘엘리’!

Yes, warm fuzzies all over for me when I see G.O with an animal. However, I think it goes without saying that this is my natural state of being when simply thinking of this man, with or without an animal in tow!~^^


[Image cr. G.O; JTune/Video cr. MBC Entertainment]

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