The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 65

This playful (and ever-so thoughtful) namja!! G.O’s public service post while in the military allows for some leniency in his day to day activities which can include occasional (and within certain parameters) sns updates. Still, without posting a single word, our delightful main vocal simply updated his profile pictures on his Instagram and Twitter accounts on April 18th and in doing so, said hello to his adoring fans letting us all know that he is doing just fine.

G.O One Shot ~ Picture

Remember right before G.O went into the Army how he kept updating his Instagram account with pictures of himself sitting somewhere looking at his phone? Well, I have mentioned before that G.O is a man of consistencies and his latest Twitter profile picture update is no exception. This pose has to be stage given his humorous proclivities and is just so flipping cheeky and adorable!!~^^

Looking absolutely healthy, fit, rested and gorgeous, public service life is certainly agreeing with G.O. It is such a relief to see him looking so very relaxed with his sense of humor still very much intact!

With 666 more days to go, I certainly hope he continues to communicate with us even if it comes in the form of updating his profile pics. In its simplicity, it is a perfect way for him to quietly communicate with us while completing his service and frankly, that works for me!


[Image cr. G.O]



  1. Nan says:

    He must not worry… we haven’t forgotten him. LOL
    It is ok G.O., you don’t have to speak… I will just go “Play That Song!”

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