The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 67

I truly enjoyed the whole of 유령 [Ghost], but admit that the draw for me was seeing G.O in the drama. Even though he did not have a whole bunch of screen time, he made the best of the scenes he did grace, notably so in the drunk dinner scene of Episode 16.

Like Lee Tae Kyun, I am a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. A couple of shots of soju and someone would have to piggyback me back home to my apartment. G.O’s drunk detective Lee Tae Kyun had me screen shotting the scene so much, I think the one hour episode took me about 2 1/2 hours to complete! I am not exaggerating.

Sweet and unassuming Tae Kyun was always at the brunt of Detective [Mad Cow] Kwon Hyuk-Joo’s impatience and, for lack of a better term, bullying. Yet, Tae Kyun took it all in stride because at the end of the day, he was an integral part of the Cyber Crime Unit, a quiet brainiac computer programmer with skills!

By the 16th episode of this 20 episode drama, the Cyber Crime Unit was at last beginning to solidify and I have to wonder if this relaxed dinner where the soju was flowing freely had a little something to do with it. Take those two drunk idiots above. In the beginning, Im Ji Kyu’s character Byun Sang Woo wanted nothing at all to do with cutie computer forensic detective Lee Tae Kyun. I guess there is some credence in the social powers of food and drink! Coupled with the less stringent atmosphere of a restaurant.

I found Lee Tae Kyun to be a completely likable character, he was there to do his job and the team needed his expertise. However, I really wish G.O would have had more freedom in his schedule to be in more episodes. Perhaps it would have allowed the writers to give Tae Kyun more back story, depth and development.

In the meantime, I absolutely loved watching G.O get his cute, drunk detective on!! My only nit, the scene was simply not long enough!

The wonderful evolution of this team as a whole in ultimately coming together to solve the mystery of a string of murders and, specifically the homicide of a popular actress was critical.

But what I truly appreciated was that by the end, the team not only began to trust each other, they sincerely began to like each other.


I need a re-watch, and soon!^^


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