The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 64

August 20, 2011 was the Actors Special night on Immortal Song 2. When I watch the opening of 여행올떠나요 [Let’s Take A Trip], I cannot help but wonder what the entire song would have sounded like had G.O and his partner for the evening Jo Yeo Jung, sang it entirely in the bluesy manner in which G.O opened it. Oooooh….I could tell G.O was feeling those first couple of lines in the song and think he would have wanted to test those bluesy waters indeed, if given the opportunity.

여행올떠나요 [Let’s Take A Trip] is a 1980’s rock song that has a very anthem-like feel to it. Musician and recording artist, Cho Yong Pil (the song’s originator) was considered a Korean pop pioneer so this song held some pretty strong history when G.O and Yeo Jung brought it to the stage. As is evident from the audience’s response, the pair did the song justice rocking the house with their energetic rendition.

Through the course of his time spent on the Immortal Song 2 stage, G.O often took risks presenting the legend songs with new and fresh interpretations. This one, however, stayed pretty much true to its original sound and feel.

Still……I have to wonder what would have happened had they shaken it up blues style. Nevertheless, the retro feel to this song most likely resonated with G.O on some level because he seems to always have his inner music frequency tuned in to all things retro. It is no wonder then that he settled in comfortably with Cho Yong Pil’s song. His enthusiasm is infectious, his voice perfect, and I absolutely love him in white!! He is so adorably handsome.

One fact remains consistent: G.O loves music. I bet if we were to ask him if there is any one genre he did not like, he most likely could not answer. I think he may even agree with me that although music is a language with many dialects, it is vibrational, resonates with the heart, and therefore is able to the bridge the gap of understanding between spoken language.

I am thrilled (and grateful) that G.O chose music as his first language, yes even over Korean! I would argue that his first language will always be music, as he makes me believe it is the true language of his heart.


[Video cr. KBSKpop]

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