The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 54

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If you recall from Episode 5 of MBLAQ’s reality/variety program Sesame Player, there was a segment where Seung Ho, G.O, Joon and Cheondung were going to enjoy a meal at home that was going to include the oft deemed precious main course of beef. This was serious business. Everyone wanted to eat, but no one wanted to cook. The only way to settle the decision was through challenge. And when the men of MBLAQ set out to challenge each other, hilarity ensued.

In the time these goofs took to determine who was going to cook, several three course meals could have been prepared and eaten!!! Nevertheless, fair is fair. They had to compete to determine who would do the cooking. The competition was fierce and included rock, paper, scissors, the 31 number game, and my favorite, Kpop song charades.

Oh dear lord these men . . .♥

I absolutely love that G.O always seemed to be the purveyor of the challenge games; that is, he (and I believe Cheondung) always seemed to be the ones who came up with the games this happy lot had to endure in some odd challenge or another. If only they had some kind of MBLAQ camp wherein they invited some lucky fans to become part of their famed challenges. Can you imagine playing Twister with MBLAQ?!! That would be epic, right? ^^ I will save the Twister episode for a later post. In the meantime, this post is all about Kings and Cooks!!! <kekekeke>

As is evidenced in the clip, G.O and Cheondung emerged as ultimate victors leaving the cooking duties to Seung Ho and Joon. In the end, the victors shared and all were duly satiated.

Sesame Player was great on so many levels because the men of MBLAQ all have some built-in comedian in them, especially G.O! I am not sure any of the other members of MBLAQ are even remotely able to make Leader Seung Ho laugh as deep and hard as G.O can.

The real take away from watching MBLAQ in Sesame Player was the evident camaraderie between them. They genuinely enjoyed being together, living together, working together, and playing together. And the off-the-cuff, non-scripted feel of Sesame Player really showed that brotherhood.

For me, I got to watch G.O being G.O. The show further secured my belief that G.O is who he is. There is no pretense or agenda. And even though Sesame Player had a director and crew (as any t.v or film production has), to me it was more like comedy sketch television without a script. There were moments in the show where their antics were playing out as if no cameras were rolling and if they were cognizant of the cameras, it did not matter. MBLAQ was letting the fans into their wacky world of humor no matter how nonsensical and ridiculous. This is what makes them so special. At the end of the day, MBLAQ’s (and especially G.O’s) natural alacrity to please fans really does stretch beyond typical fan service. They continue to prove that fact over and over again.


[Video cr. Absolute MBLAQ]


  1. Nan says:

    I’m sorry Michele, but you really shouldn’t use G.O. and satiated in the same sentence… *blush*

  2. 다행한엠블랙5❤ (@MarlenaMara) says:

    omg!! Gold old times ahhhh ;—; <3 <3 Miss the so much!! OUr dorky KIngs of variety!!!!!! Rocks the world kkkkkkk omg!
    That's right, the warmth brtherhood of 87 line there was just…….awwww <3 Teoli.Playful.Wins.All.!!!!
    Sad that Mireu wasn't there :<

    • Michele says:

      Sesame Player is just too much!! I can watch for hours on end and repeatedly and still enjoy every moment!! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!

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