The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 42

Have you revisited Smoky Girl lately? I have been revisiting it quite often these days. Having discovered in early 2014 that my true bias sat securely with G.O, I came aboard the MBLAQ express right in time for Broken and missed getting entangled in the Sexy Beat lair by just a year. Somehow I feel that was it divine intervention at play for I am not sure I would have survived it real time!

In looking back, it was definitely with Sexy Beat that the music boys turned the corner and fell smack dab into music men territory. Their entire style shifted to a more sharp and sophisticated look. And the promotions using the songs Sexy Beat and Smoky Girl back-to-back in their music show performances tilted the sensual meter into overload. I challenge you to find me a group, where at any given time all five members oozed the kind of charisma and sensuality (coupled with outrageous talent) that MBLAQ did during the Sexy Beat era. Or any era, for that matter!

I have to believe that the whole of Sexy Beat was very important to G.O. Prior to the release of MBLAQ’s fifth mini album, G.O was invited by hip hop producer and musician, Primary, to guest on a track for his Primary and The Messengers CD. It was enough of a successful collaboration that Primary agreed to lend his writing, arranging and producing skills in collaboration with MBLAQ for the Sexy Beat album, and even played guitar on a few of the tracks. Smoky Girl was written and arranged by Primary (with help from Zion T, Crush and Simon D). When it sometimes seems that the world at large fails to recognize the unique and special talent that is G.O, it is a fact that those respected and renown musicians and producers in the business are indeed quite cognizant of it. Executives at Primary’s record label Amoeba Culture went so far as to say of G.O:

“We believe that G.O’s singing ability is superior, has rich sensibility and he is a very charismatic singer. PRIMARY was aware of it and anticipates G.O to show a further charismatic and attractive color in the Hip-Hop industry. Furthermore, the result of the collaboration was way beyond expectation, he [PRIMARY] was very pleased.”

So very much on point.

Smoky Girl, a timeless steamy, sensual and visual feast that ignites all of the senses. And G.O, well…he also invades all of the senses, and does so with unwavering and tireless talent, magnetism and charisma. Then. Now. Always.

Passion. Emotion. Intensity.


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  1. Nan says:

    Have never seen that white laced costume before… Wow! While he looks awesome in the dark suit… the white laced costume is pretty stunning!

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