The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 41

As has been the dynamic with probably the first ever all boy or all girl group in the history of music, there is invariably going to be fan favorites. That is to say, when a fan sets their sights on a favorite group, the fan will most probably single out one (or more) of the members he or she will exclusively favor over the other members. Thus the concept of the bias was born! From there, other facets of the bias phenomenon begin to trickle down. Favorite song the bias sings. Favorite performance of bias captured. And of course, favorite pictures of said bias. Over the course of the next 690 days, I will offer so-called G.O ‘one shots’ – that is, my favorite pictures or gifs of G.O. A single pic or gif for a single post. Let’s begin!

G.O One Shot ~ Picture

Please note that although I start with this one, do not conclude that it is my number one favorite picture of all time. I am not sure I could successfully choose just one. In fact, I know it would be impossible. The one above is definitely a favorite and a great way to start the One Shot!^^

There is so much working in G.O’s favor in this picture that I honestly do not know where to begin. Some may be drawn to his lovely hands. Valid. Some, his chiseled chest. Worthy. Others his sculpted arms. Understood. For me, however, what draws my attention are his eyes. The hint of smile, the sleepy, dreamy look. Seriously, G.O has the most gorgeous eyes! Once I am fixated on his eyes, I am captivated. I am captured and become a prisoner of his gentle gaze.

Blogger’s note: I will not consecutively post these one-shots and will intersperse them between other posts. Much like how I am doing with all of the posts: songs, variety clips, drama clips, endorsements, etc. By now, you should see a little bit of a pattern, or method in my madness for honoring him these 730 days of military service!!

Please keep loving and supporting him!


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  1. Nan says:

    Yes his eyes are definitely mesmerizing in this photo, a good choice! And the way his hand cradles his phone… (dugan dugan). LOL

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