The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 25

The first five months of 2014 were pretty spectacular for our gentle main vocal, G.O. As the year opened, he was in rehearsals for Seopyeonje which subsequently opened in March. By April, he was knee-deep in promotions for MBLAQ’s 6th mini album, Broken. At the same time, he was cast in a second musical, 바람의나라 [Kingdom of the Winds], scheduled to open in May, a mere 3 days after his final performance in Seopyeonje. He was perhaps at his busiest, yet I don’t think I have seen him happier.

I have to be honest. I feel quite fortunate to have met G.O on the musical theater stage instead of the pop stage. Likewise, I am equally thrilled that if he had any hesitancy about accepting the role of Prince Ho Dong in 바람의나라 [Kingdom of the Winds], it faded away when he realized how off-the-charts amazing the experience would be. He could have easily declined for many reasons. His run with Seopyeonje was not complete. He was promoting a new album with MBLAQ and, he would be the first idol to ever play Ho Dong in the musical. That alone is HUGE! There was much to consider and I can imagine there was a lot going on in his head!!!

Somewhere deep, however, he must have known. G.O must have believed he was capable. Surely, director Lee Gina knew he had all the makings to bring the young, vulnerable prince to life on the musical stage. She knew he would bring a delicate charm to the role, and she knew he had the voice.

G.O had many special moments on the Seoul Arts Stage in Kingdom from the moment the curtain went up to the final bow. And because I am trying to keep these posts minimal (which affords me the opportunity to talk about this musical again…hehehe), I am going to share one of my favorite moments.

The tender moment when the young prince sings with what is supposed to be an apparition (or memory) of his mother Queen Yeon (as she has died leaving him alone) is akin to listening to a celestial choir of two. In this fan cam captured moment, G.O’s voice is so miraculously rich, mellifluous and soft. Towards the scene’s end, when joined by Go Young Bin (King Muhyul) and Lee Shi Hu (Haemyung), G.O’s voice does not get lost among them and is still  so very strong and clear.

A young boy who lost his mother. A kingdom in chaos. And a king who wonders how his gentle young son’s tiny heart can weather such pain, overcome…and ultimately rule a kingdom. With every note, G.O made the audience feel Ho Dong’s idealistic spirit and tender vulnerability. I cannot reiterate enough how magnificent G.O was in this role.

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