The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 26

I challenge you to deny that at some point over the course of all of the songs MBLAQ has given to us, there have been those select few where you tilted your head back and said to yourself, “Hmmmmmm…..what if they had an MV for that song?” This is exactly how I feel about Dress Up.

You are so dazzling like the stars in the sky, I want you
Show me yourself, show me yourself
Show me yourself, show me yourself
Baby Get your Dress Up


Red wine kiss, a little deeper, wrap your arms around my black suit shoulders
Dazzling lights and flashes (give it to me girl) whisper in that hot place
We can’t hide it, we’re like destiny, I can’t stop this, I want you
You’re so pretty, you’re my everything, you took my heart, baby ge get your dress up crazy


When MBLAQ released their 5th mini album Sexy Beat in June 2013, one thing was for certain: the album, its contents, the concept, and their style were saturated with a mature sensuality that was sophisticated, tasteful and oh-so-hot. Let me remind you of Day 16. Where the song Sexy Beat was the taunt and invitation, Dress Up was the blatant declaration that its about to go down!!

*Fans self*

Can you imagine an MV for this song? I suppose in the end, MBLAQ showed us all mercy by only letting us enjoy the song visually (in small doses) during live performances. THAT was indeed enough!

G.O’s swagger was on fire every single time he performed this song, only adding to its (and his) seductive power. If his masculinity was this potent pre-military, can you imagine what we will welcome back come February 17, 2018?

I cannot wait.^^


[Video cr. kyamax8110병희♥링링요정]


  1. Nan says:

    G.O. has always been a beautiful blend of strong and gentle… I don’t think anything would change that.

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