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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 21

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There is nothing sweeter than hearing a smile in G.O’s voice when he sings. Remember 살 빼지마 [No Diet]? With every lyric released from his beautiful lips, G.O’s collaboration with rapper Damiano can very well be the tonic you need right now to help ease the blues of his 21st day away from us.

What woman would not want to hear her significant other tell her:

You’re so perfect to me
Sometimes, I get filled with awe just looking at you from far away
I’m serious, don’t lose weight
I want to tell you but you’re so cute right now . . .

~! ! !~

This was the underlying message in Damiano’s song 살 빼지마 [No Diet], and he brought in G.O to help urge that message along. And oh my, G.O’s voice in this song is like a light warm summer breeze that caresses you all over.

When he sings . . .

Your feet run along with my heart
I wanted this moment to come
Seeing you take care of yourself
Is changing me
You’re so beautiful, love you baby

No matter how much I look, you look perfect right now
Your perfect proportions go together so well, trust me
You carefully tied up your hair and wore sneakers
It’s like a beautiful scene from a movie along with the morning sun

I’ve never felt this kind of attraction, are you really doing this to me?
I guess you’ve been hiding it all this time
Why did you hide it baby

. . . his voice in this tone and timbre is light, airy and gentle. When you watch him sing this song, you can see as much of his playful scolding as you can hear it.~^^

Once again G.O proves that when you pair his voice along side a rapper, magic just happens!

As there is no official MV for the song <waaaaaaaah>, here is the full audio:

I so very much love the way this beautiful man loves music.


[Video cr. 1theK (원더케이)]

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