The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 3

Before quietly and graciously saying good-bye, G.O left us with much to hold on to while he is away completing his military service. And while his genuine appreciation for his loving fans is perhaps my favorite of all of the gifts he gives, his golden voice is a treasured gift I am willing to receive time and again.


A few months ago I remember chatting with one of my sister G.O-luvahs and I said, ‘you know, G.O is long overdue for an OST song, it would be nice if he would do one.’ Fast forward to February and boom, it happens!

On February 13, G.O released the song 사랑무감증 [Numbness] from the JTBC drama, Madame Antoine [OST Part 2]. Tenderly, he sings lyrics that speak of a man in love who feels he will only cause pain in the relationship, yet deeply misses the woman he loves so very much. That ever-present push and pull of love coupled with G.O’s ever-present emotional interpretation of such is why we are so willing to render our own hearts vulnerable to him over and over again.

The more you love me, the more you will feel lonely,
Will you be able to hold on to me, even if I put you through pain?


 Please listen, and feel G.O’s gentle heart.

If by chance I have successfully willed an OST song from our beautiful main vocal, I wonder if I can urge a visit to Disneyland upon completion of his MS? I put these dreams out there because the dealers in destiny and fate are always listening.~^^



  1. Nan says:

    As usual, G.O. is stunningly ON with the lyrics. Does he know how much we love him? And how much we will miss him? I like to think… that he has at least a small clue, when I see the translated lyrics to this song. <3

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