The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 4

When MBLAQ released their 6th mini album, Broken, they took a decidedly different approach to overall concept and style. Gone were the ornate, flashy and elaborate costumes. In were the sleek, subtle and sophisticated style of well-tailored suits. True, they began that cross-over with Sexy Beat, but it really took hold, however, with Broken.

With our main vocal man G.O soon to be approaching 30, he was no longer just a boy living in absolute quality, he was a man embraced in absolute elegance.

From the showcase to the fan signs and all performance appearances that followed, I could not wait to see what G.O’s next suit would look like. What color would it be? Would he be wearing a tie? A vest? Would the suit jacket be on or off? The thrill of the suspense was intoxicating. Inasmuch as I adore G.O’s casual style, when he pours himself into a well-tailored suit, I hear church bells, see fireworks, and come close to needing medical attention!!

Our charming main vocal man is exquisitely well-proportioned and carries the bulk of his height in his long, lean legs. His broad shoulders are perfect filler for a suit jacket but are even more impressive in a crisp white shirt and vest.

From March 2014 through the Curtain Call shows in November that same year, the variety of suits were plenty and each time we saw him, no matter what the color, style or version, G.O wore it well. Here are just a few.

The Basic Black

The Grey Tweed

The [stunning] Royal Blue ~ my absolute favorite

Indeed it has been said that it is not the suit that makes the man, but the man that makes the suit. No truer words were spoken when that man is G.O.


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