When Your Bias Becomes A Movie Star

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We all knew MBLAQ’s main vocal man was up to something. His mysterious Instagram posts were tantalizing yet revealed nothing solid in way of exactly what he was doing. Speculations were high. Since he is pretty much a triple threat when it comes to entertainment (sing, act, dance), anything was possible and he, more than capable. The reveal came today a little past 11:00AM KST and it was every bit as exciting as we thought it would be!

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Making his screen debut and looking every bit ‘the chairman’s son’, G.O has been cast opposite veteran actor Yoon Je Moon and Jeong So Min in director Kim Hyeong Hyeop’s debut film, 아빠는 딸 [Daddy’s Daughter], a story about the trials and tribulations of a father and daughter as they look to regain one another’s trust.

I think I need a moment.

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The articles that began dropping the news were not overly explicit in way of plot and/or information about G.O’s character, however, they did expound on how impressed the makers of the film were with him, his cool demeanor and abundant charisma which they felt would translate into some pretty impressive acting. His past work on the small screen and recent appearance on King of Masked Singer were also instrumental in putting him and his extraordinary talent on their radar.

I have no idea what kind of man the chairman’s son will be. But what I do know is that the time G.O has spent contemplating, healing, and making his way back to himself is going to arm him with the kind of introspection and depth an actor needs to commune with his character. I watched G.O lose himself in two roles on the musical theater stage in both Seopyeonje and The Kingdom of the Winds. I know what he is capable of bringing to a role and I simply cannot wait to see him in this, his film debut.

Daddy’s Daughter is scheduled to be released some time this year.

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  1. kfangurl says:

    How cool, that he’ll be on the big screen! I mean, a fangirl could drown in the largeness of her bias that way, eh? XD I know you’ll make the very best of this opportunity to soak in his onscreen presence! ^^

  2. Michele says:

    He is full of surprises lately with his recent join on Instagram, his appearance on King of Masked Singer and now a movie. Giving us a movie before his eventual enlistment is the kind of gift that will linger and continue to give over and over until he is safely returned to civilian life. So romantical of him, isn’t it? ^^

    Yes, I will do my best to enjoy his journey into film, even if it means sending me to Seoul for the premiere. I will take every opportunity I can get to support his artistic endeavors and, well….to just see him!^^

    I am so very proud of him.~♥

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