The Fangirl Lane


Prelude to Adieu – An Evening With G.O

News of MBLAQ’s mercurial main vocal heading to the Army broke on Monday, February 15 and to many came as a complete shock and surprise. I was in flight heading back to Chicago when reports of G.O’s enlistment was spreading like wildfire throughout various media posts, and admittedly I was still reveling in the intoxication of spending the evening with him on what was a very windy and chilly Valentine’s Day attending the I.Callist Idol Vocalist Concert in Seoul the night before. I admit I was stunned when I began reading the news and immediately felt the bittersweet aftertaste of the concert realizing that my bias was going to be gone for two years. In retrospect, however, if you paid close attention, the messages leading up to this news were there. They were subtle, but nevertheless, they were there.

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When Your Bias Becomes A Movie Star

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 9.35.15 AM

We all knew MBLAQ’s main vocal man was up to something. His mysterious Instagram posts were tantalizing yet revealed nothing solid in way of exactly what he was doing. Speculations were high. Since he is pretty much a triple threat when it comes to entertainment (sing, act, dance), anything was possible and he, more than capable. The reveal came today a little past 11:00AM KST and it was every bit as exciting as we thought it would be!

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