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Since eternally pledging my heart and support to MBLAQ’s deeply passionate main vocal man, G.O, I have felt the trickle down effect of his gracious and generous spirit which in turn continually compels me to give and share. With Christmas on the horizon, I thought it a perfect time to plan an event to celebrate the holiday and to do so with G.O and MBLAQ flavor. Hence, the Merry MBLAQ Christmas Package!

I think about this often. It is ongoing. And that is, I feel as if G.O gifts us over and over when he shares his talent, smiles, appreciation, and indelible fan service. And as I have learned with my past ‘giving’ projects, there is no better feeling than surprising someone with a gift, a letter, or even something as simple as a smile or kind word. Think about how excited we all become when we hear G.O will release a song, performs live, shows up on the red carpet for an event, or simply tweets. These are the ways in which he gives back to us in appreciation for supporting him. It’s true, you know, that when you give, you receive.

G.O Gift Merry Christmas

I have mentioned this over and over (ad naseum). I am very fortunate. In addition to having had the most esteemed honor and absolute pleasure of seeing G.O perform and meet him, I have also amassed in a short time a collection of what I like to call treasures. Surely having multiple copies of CDs, pictures, calendars, posters, fan art goods, and the like would encourage many to resell such things, and do so for profit. However, I have held firm in my belief that whatever surplus I have purchased in the name of supporting my bias and his group serves only one purpose: to share with other fans.

So how will I spread this MBLAQ Christmas love and jolly? Well I decided that there will be 10 MBLAQ Christmas packages going out to 10 fans. I do not know yet who they will be, or how I will choose, but will say that little MBLAQ elves have already begun fastidiously planning and putting the packages together with great care and love. It is how they do.  Their secret negotiations of how recipients will be chosen and what they get, however, remains a mystery even to me.^^

More to come. Stay tuned.~♥

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