Something New ~ From The Korean Musical Stage


Before you start to roll your eyes thinking I am creating yet another outlet here on my blog to love on G.O, let me explain!!!!^^


It is no doubt that my introduction to Korean musical theater was generously delivered to me firsthand by G.O. This is a fact. And I will not deny that you will see him come across this section of the blog from time to time. What I am really trying to accomplish by adding this section, however, is exposure and awareness in general to the very eclectic, powerful and successful musical theater that is coming out of South Korea.

I hope to discuss many aspects of Korean musical theater, including the phenomenon of the K-pop idol gracing many musical theater stages and how their move between concert and theater stages differ, hinder and/or help the productions, as well as the career of the idols themselves.  I also hope to use this as a vehicle to introduce western musical theater directors, producers and composers to the amazing talent and productions coming out of South Korea.

Naturally, G.O will be here. It’s a given.^^ But I promise, I will not start with him. >.<

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  1. missienelly says:

    This is awesome! I don’t recall seeing any bloggers discussing Korean musical theater – at least none from my followers. I think this is a great musical. The Korean musical theater industry needs a lot of attention and love – and I’ve seen more and more coming to the States. Love the idea, Michelle!

    • Michele says:

      Well, it is no surprise that G.O left quite an impression on me with his turn on the musical theater stage – but the experience of Korean musical theater in general, also left its impression. It will be difficult to navigate because I do not know the language well enough, but I want to explore as much of it as I can (and am able). Lee Gina just directed a production of Jesus Christ Superstar recently. There is just so much going on over there in way of musical theater. I think staunch western theater goers would find their productions intriguing, professional and entertaining. I just felt I had to give this genre a closer and more comprehensive look.^^

      • missienelly says:

        Impressive! I haven’t been on Twitter as frequent lately so I must have totally missed Lee Gina’s new work. The language is hard, I admit. But simply exposing Korean theater to new age kids and introducing them that there are many ways/portals to appreciate music such as through musical theater is great. It takes a lot of energy but with patience, which I know you have, your effort to educate will be fruitful. Hwaiting!

  2. Nan says:

    “Before you start to roll your eyes thinking I am creating yet another outlet here on my blog to love on G.O, let me explain!!!!^^”
    Now now Michelle, I would never be one to complain if you wanted to just actually just “create another outlet” on your blog to “love on G.O.”… because I totally understand why you might want to do that! (Love on G.O. I mean. LOL)
    I like how you write… and when it comes to G.O., well I Love How You LOVE Him. 😉
    Kim Junsu is in like his third musical stage now… isn’t he? And I am willing to be there are even quite a few others you could write about, I haven’t really even thought of yet.

    • Michele says:

      Oh yes…there is lots to explore as so many idols have made their way to the musical stage. I came across a 2011 drama called The Musical and I had to check it out because I was all up in arms about musicals having come fresh from seeing G.O in two productions. But I was also interested because Daniel Choi was in it and I like him as an actor. The drama itself was not that great and I have found this common thread for me with K-drama…..if I don’t like the female lead, it will be a hard sell!! And that is what happened with this one. However, the second female lead payed by Ok Joo Hyun – who was playing a very unlikable character at that, was actually a successful example of a K-pop idol transitioning successfully to the musical theater stage. She started her career in girl group Finkl. She went on to become a very successful musical theater actress and actually starred opposite Kim Junsu in Elisabeth. Junsu actually has made 5 successful trips to the musical stage: Tears of Heaven, Mozart, Elisabeth, Dracula and Death Note. I will see him in a production some day – it is definitely on my list!

      I really want to look at some of the composers also. Yoon Il Sang who composed Seopyeonje, is actually a pretty successful songwriter/composer and has written some pretty big K-pop hits for groups over the years. I am particularly intrigued by Lee Young Hoon. He composed Gwanghwamun Sonata and my interest is in the fact that that was a musical built around songs (pop ballads) that he had written and that had been previously recorded. Generally known as a jukebox musical.

      I am using all of my strongest telepathy to convince G.O and/or Seung Ho to compose a musical of their own. They are FULLY capable!!

      Of course, I have been looking at the entire song list of Tykeys’ one and only album, Ty Project No. 1 because I believe there is a full on story built in those songs without question and I am convinced that a viable jukebox musical could written around those songs.

      As is apparent…there’s lots going on in my head!!!^^ Hopefully, I can transpose it all to the blog with entertaining coherency!!

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