Beautiful Bias Birthday Boy – Happy Birthday Byung Hee!

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On this precise day last year, I was in the middle of preparing to go to Japan to spend time with some amazing Clouds and to see the other Jung (Ji Hoon) perform live on the Zepp Toyko stage. My….how things have changed for this fangirl! Twelve months later, I find myself preparing to travel again, but this time to Seoul to see the younger Jung (Byung Hee) perform live on stage with his MBLAQ brothers. Before I make that journey, however, I must pause a moment here to celebrate the man who has so undeniably stolen my heart, invaded my soul, and who has commandeered all of my attention steadily for the past 11 months. He turns a delightful 28 years old today and I just need to say, 병희씨…..생일 축하합니다….사랑해요!


As I spent the better part of the day yesterday beginning at 9:00 AM CST here in the US (12:00 AM KST and, therefore officially his birthday) through today, watching all of the birthday messages to G.O flood Twitter, I quietly reflected on what it is about this man that has captured my heart and why he silently urges me to once again get on plane to Seoul to come see him. Third time in a seven month span seems…wait, no…IS outrageous! Financial burdens aside, the pull to go is non-negotiable.  I have to say (in my defense), it is not just his pretty face that has caused this tsunami of emotion that overrides rhyme and reason for me when it comes to him.


But….I am not going to deny he is handsome.^^ Still, there is much more to it. There is much more to him. And just when I feel as if I am going to go over the edge with trying to figure it out myself, I am reminded again that my obsession is well-situated.

His Talent


Without question, this birthday boy is replete with talent. There is no denying he has the voice. But, I need to stress that beyond that, is what lies at the core of that voice: His absolute love, respect, and knowledge of music.  It is like any master. It is more than just doing – it is having what you do (and what you love to do) be the foundation of your existence. It is a knowing. A being. Maybe G.O’s heart is made up of musical notes that simply chime in sync to the beat of that heart. Once those notes and beat collide, they flow through his veins, encompassing his entire being. Then, when it has completely filled him up, he releases it in song. All that simmers in him unfolds when he sings. It is a beautiful thing to behold. I cannot praise him enough.

I have posted this performance before in this blog; I have shared this performance in tweets; and I have emailed it to friends, coworkers…even my mom. It is the perfect example of what I am most likely failing to adequately describe when I say this man lives his music and the music lives within him.

Consider for a moment that he is not even singing in his native Korean and still feels every note. Every lyric. He may have only turned 28 today, but I believe his soul has lived lifetimes before him.

His Character


What G.O gives back to us is more than simply fan service. So when I use the term character, I am using it to describe what I have experienced of him as a celebrity who genuinely (and with authentic interest) interacts with fans. Not many are as comfortable, playful, engaging and appreciative as Byung Hee.

G.O Come and Get Me

MBLAQ’s recent appearance in Vietnam is further confirmation that G.O is ever appreciative of his fans and who willingly acknowledges them. Even the smallest gesture, a handshake, or in this instance, a wave, means so much more to a fan than the average joe could possibly comprehend!



From what I understand, he has always been like this. He makes fans feel as if he has known them for ages.

Cutest BH Fanmeet

Perhaps it is because to him, fans are more than just fans, they are friends…even family.

G.O a frie for me and one for you

It seems inadequate of me then to really contain my celebration to this one day. No…my celebration of him will continue and become a daily ritual. Because you see….simply put, he’s worth it.

Happy Birthday G.O2

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    • Michele says:

      Thank you so very much for your kind thoughts (and encouragement)! G.O moves me deeply. It seems everything I am compelled to write about him comes from a place me that I did not even know existed. He is very inspiring and I am very inspired by him. Having had an opportunity to experience his kindness and appreciation towards fans kind of sealed his place in my heart. I never thought I would be as smitten as I am…but, his good, kind heart coupled with his amazing talent makes it hard to fight! Thank you again for your thoughts and for visiting the blog. Be well and take care. Hugs!!

  1. Blaq Tree says:

    My friend Pasia told me couple days ago about your blog. You explained your thought beautifully, You’re a precious A+. Have a joyful concert. Please share it with us

    • Michele says:

      Oh dear…thank you so very much!! Thank you for your lovely comments and for visiting the blog. I am looking forward to two wonderful concerts, my first with MBLAQ. I have seen G.O perform on the musical stage and that was extraordinary. To see him in MBLAQ mode will be equally exciting, I am sure. I hope to share every moment I am there in Seoul here on my blog. Be well and thank you, again!♥

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