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Beautiful Bias Birthday Boy – Happy Birthday Byung Hee!

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On this precise day last year, I was in the middle of preparing to go to Japan to spend time with some amazing Clouds and to see the other Jung (Ji Hoon) perform live on the Zepp Toyko stage. My….how things have changed for this fangirl! Twelve months later, I find myself preparing to travel again, but this time to Seoul to see the younger Jung (Byung Hee) perform live on stage with his MBLAQ brothers. Before I make that journey, however, I must pause a moment here to celebrate the man who has so undeniably stolen my heart, invaded my soul, and who has commandeered all of my attention steadily for the past 11 months. He turns a delightful 28 years old today and I just need to say, 병희씨…..생일 축하합니다….사랑해요!

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