MBLAQ Birthday Boys


So much to celebrate!! Apart from celebrating these five fab ones every day like I am want to do, three of them have birthdays coming up to wrap up the year. As such, I wanted to give you the logistics in the event you want to send each (or all) a birthday wish, either physically or via cyber means!!^^


First up is Cheondung. He will celebrate his 25th special day on October 7th.


Next is our fierce (yeah…he says he is aegyo adverse, but we know otherwise) and fearless leader, Seung Ho, who will blow out his 28 birthday candles on October 16th.


Finally, my personal favorite <hehehe>, G.O, who will also celebrate number 28 on November 6th. As you can see, G.O is never aegyo-challenged!! So cute!!


You can tweet the birthday boys at their respective twitter accounts: Seung Ho, G.O and Cheondung. Or, if you want to send them a physical gift, card, or letter, you can send it in care of J Tune at the following address:

J Tune Camp
625 Bonguensa-ro
Gyeonghwi Building, 7th Floor
Gangnam-gu 135-090 Seoul
South Korea

Tel. 82 2 3446 9040

If you have a special affection for G.O and want to take part in something a little extra, you can by participating in The GO’s birthday project or by joining me and including a birthday wish in a birthday box being sent to him by his Byung Hee World G.Oddesses…or both!♥

♥C E L E B R A T E♥

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