Byung Hee’s Birthday Box Bonaza


The time is almost upon us!! Yes, beautiful Byung Hee is nearing on completing yet another revolution around the sun. Our amazing main vocalist of MBLAQ will celebrate his 28th birthday on November 6th and I could not be more thrilled to honor him on this most auspicious day!! In light of that…..I have an idea and hope some of his G.Oddesses out there will participate.^^

 Baby-G-O-D-mblaq-24194302-600-351(Baby Byung Hee……so cute!!)

My Byung Hee World blogging partner Nelly and I decided to put together a birthday box for our beloved and beautiful bias, and ship it out to him in time for his November 6th celebration. I started to think, wouldn’t it be nice to include birthday wishes from as many of his G.Oddesses as I could fit in that birthday box?! This is where I make my offer (and suggestion to you).

If you would like me to include a birthday message from you to G.O in our birthday box, I ask that you email me your birthday wish no later than October 17, 2014. I will transfer that birthday wish to a 5 x 7 photocard (please be mindful of those parameters so your entire message/picture, etc. is included), print it out, and include it in the birthday box.  Here is an idea of what I had in mind:

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 11.39.51 AM copy

Of course, feel free to include a picture of yourself or birthday graphic of any kind…be creative!! But be sure to include where you are from as I want him to know that he has G.Oddesses in all corners of the world (because HE DOES)!!

If you need a guide to help create the birthday wish card, I found a template here. Scroll down to find the ‘5″ x 7″ Single Cards’ template:

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 11.49.19 AM

I encourage and invite you to help me celebrate this incredibly talented and genuinely special young man. Email your G.O birthday wish to: and include ‘G.O Birthday Wish’ in the subject line. Remember…the deadline is October 17, 2014. Palli!!!^^



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    • Michele says:

      Haahahaha…you are TOO cute!!! I thought it would be a nice idea and also allow other G.Oddesses an opportunity to send him something physical. Plus the more in the birthday box, the better! Love him…as you know!^^

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