[series] 116 Reasons To Love Byung Hee: #1 – Sweet Dad-Hee

Reason No. 1 – Sweet Dad-Hee

GO with Baby

When asked in an interview once, if you did not become a musician, what would you be, G.O answered: A father of an ordinary family.

Not a rocket scientist. Not the king of the world. Not the president. No, just a father of an ordinary family. It may sound simple, but in that simplicity lies something completely noble, at least to me. It is clear that family has always been and continues to be very important to him and that having a family of his own is something that he just may think about now and again. I think he takes the idea of ‘family’ and applies it to pretty much all aspects of his own life. This is a wonderful reason to love Byung Hee.

Definite Daddy Material


If you have had a chance to watch Hello Baby, you have been able to see the incredibly sweet and natural way G.O has with children. More importantly, it was his sincere respect for the children of the house as important little humans, that I admired so very much. This is what endeared him to both them and us. These adorable little ones (DaYoung, Lauren and Leo) not only liked him, they trusted him.



Kyaaaa!! The cute!


Yeah, I pretty much lost my mind during every episode. His gentle and quiet way of interacting with the children made me believe he would be a patient, inspirational and loving father.


Although not his true family, he really engaged and took a concerted effort towards being a diligent appa with a truly special bond with sweet little Vietnamese/Korean Yoon DaYoung. I think G.O will have the power to melt you completely if you watch Hello Baby. When he lovingly prepares a Vietnamese-inspired birthday dinner for DaYoung it was all over for me. Not only did I want to marry the guy, I wanted to have at least ten children with him.

Come on…say it with me, awwwwwwww!! G.O was DaYoung’s favorite appa in the house. Can you blame her??

GO Feeding Dayong

GO and Dayong sweetness

These tender moments in the series caused many hearts to melt, I can assure you. He was just so….SO G.O!!


LOOK at him! In one episode, while the rest of the goofballs (I’m talking about Mir, Thunder and Joon) were enjoying the day at an amusement park, running off, riding the rides, G.O was left in charge of the little ones. So adorable. Really.

GO Hello Baby Lauren

G.O always stayed with the children, making sure they were safe and were enjoying their time at the park. And all while wearing that adorable headband. Seriously….he makes me want to procreate!!


Kekekekekekeke…yeah Byung Hee, that is pretty outrageous, I agree!

MBLAQ – The Brotherhood Family


I don’t know for a fact, but I get the impression that G.O is just a genuinely loving guy. And even if he does takes some twisted pleasure is messing with and trolling his MBLAQ brothers, it is all in good fun and definitely with love! He seems to have solid, loving and respectful relationships with all of the other members of MBLAQ. I have heard people refer to him as the ‘mother’ of group where leader Seungho is deemed father. Yes, I can go with that in theory because G.O definitely seems like a nurturer. When it comes to the maknaes, however, it is all about being the hyung!! I especially love his relationship with Mir.


Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 12.56.05 PM

GO and Mir


Maybe it is because Mir is the maknae. Or maybe it is because they had that awesome subunit together (seriously, when their voices collide, they sound SO good).

Wild – G.O with Mir

Or maybe it is because G.O grew up with sisters that he absolutely loves having younger ‘brothers’ to live with, lovingly torture or just interact with on a day-to-day basis! With Mir, though, it is outrageous and fun. There is just something about their dynamic that I love so very much.

GO and Mir cuteness

G.O has a pretty potent cute factor all of its own but I think Mir brings out some extra special cute in him.

GO and Mir playing

And when they are in performance mode…well, they are pretty freaking hot together.

GO and Maknae Smoky Girl

Even when they are not in performance mode, they are pretty freaking hot together.

지오 & 미르

I don’t know…I just have a thing for G.O and Mir.^^

Not to say that he is not über cute with Cheondoong, also…because he is. I think with Doong, G.O proves to be a great vocal guide and inspiration. It seems Doong has been making great strides in improving his vocal styling and strength and I cannot help but think that some of G.O has rubbed off on him as a result. A good father and/or hyung is also a good mentor.




Yeah, G.O can tap into the silly with Doong just as much as he can with Mir!^^

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 12.55.16 PM

And look just as hot, too!

G.O is one of three hyungs to the maknaes and I think he takes a lot of pleasure in having ‘younger brothers’ seeing how he is the youngest in his own family, and the youngest to two older sisters. He shares that very same dynamic with both Mir and Cheondoong, who are also the maknaes of their respective families to elder sisters.

GO Shirt lift

Whatever the reason, it seems he is both mentor and mischief-maker to Mir and Cheondoong  but above all, to him they too are family.

Albeit a goofy one!! ^^


When it comes to really enforcing that ‘hyung’ position, however, I think G.O finds extreme pleasure executing it over Lee Joon!! Only a few months apart in age, I think G.O lavishes in THAT fact full on and uses that hyung position to his advantage sometimes.


GO and Joon Goofing off


Still, in all of the trolling he does to Joon, theirs is a ‘ship I love to see probably because they genuinely seem care for each other. They look pretty good standing alongside each other, too – if I do say so myself!

GO and Joonie cute

Or deep chest breathing next to each other!

GO and Joon Chest pumping2

Or having what I like to call as sensu-off! DEAR LAWD HAVE MERCY!! I’m more sensual, Joon. No hyung, I am!!

GO and Joon


Finally, there is the 87-Line. Well photographed and well-loved, Seungho and G.O are exactly 3 weeks apart in age. I often wonder what things would be like if G.O was the one born in October and not November. Would Rain have still chosen Seungho to be the leader?^^

87 Line Hands Up

In a way these two share a sort of co-leader dynamic but those three weeks allow G.O a little leniency in being able to goof off just a little bit more than he probably would be able to had he been the one born in October!!^^

I still think leader Seungho enjoys G.O’s antics.


The dynamic between the two is still one of respect and admiration. Seungho is well-trained in handling younger brothers so he can most likely weather anything G.O will throw at him.


And Seungho never fails to remind the master prankster that he is still the boss.


Bwaaahhaahhaaa….87-Line Potato down!!! Betrayed by his senior spud!!


I cannot help but think G.O relishes having a hyung!!


The 87 Line grooving


One thing is for certain about MBLAQ.

More Dork Action

They are a group who sincerely and genuinely care for each other and feel like a family of brothers when you watch them perform and see them interact.


They look good together. They have a positive and effortless synergy. They support each other in their individual endeavors and just seem to get along so very well.  Theirs is proof that five strangers can come together and build a pretty solid family unit. I would gather this particular family dynamic is important to G.O.

The Fan Family


Yes, I heartily believe that G.O sees his fans as family. He always seems so genuinely happy to see and interact with his fans. This is a man who is clearly grateful for what he has – it just shows.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 7.49.23 AM

Having had been fortunate enough to watch him interact with his fans during my visits to Seoul, I saw a true comfort level between himself and all of the fans who were waiting for him after his shows. What artist do you know would stay after his final show to blow candles out on a celebratory cake being shared with him by his fans?


Probably none. (Seriously, how cute is that picture?)

What artist will consistently stop, talk, take pictures, and simply smile like he is genuinely happy to see you, even after he has been working almost day and night with MBLAQ promotions, performing in a musical and rehearsing for another?



Probably none.

What artist seems to ALWAYS have time to just acknowledge his fans no matter who, where, why, when and how?


You got it…probably none.


But this is G.O and this is why I feel he sees his fans as more than just fans. They are important to him. They are like family. He easily jokes with them, is inquisitive, and takes a genuine interest in who and what they are in their lives.

GO Cutie at fan sign

Inasmuch as a fan meet/sign would have rocked my world, I am almost more content having had those unscripted moments of seeing him walk out of the theatre, heading to his car, the entire time chatting with fans, accepting gifts and above all else, smiling.


There is something so natural and easy about him. No pretense. No agenda. Just walking to the car, thanking everyone for coming to the show and supporting him. He is constantly saying thank you. I understood so well why his fans wanted to be around him, to be able to make contact and to have a moment of his attention. He makes you feel so very appreciated. He makes you feel like family.

Are you swooning yet??^^…..♥

The Real Family

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 9.21.01 PM

In everything I have read, it seems as if G.O has come from a very close-knit and loving family.


A baby brother to two older sisters.

GO as a baby

That seem just as close as adults….


…as they were as children.


In one interview I read he mentioned that although not wealthy, his father always made sure he had some money in his pocket while growing up. G.O went on further to say that when he began making his own money he was able to give some back to his father which he said made his father very happy. I am sure this was particularly gratifying given the hardships G.O endured prior to becoming a member of MBLAQ.

In the first episode of the variety show, Happy Day, G.O had practically his entire family on the stage with him.  Mother, father, eldest sister, brother-in-law, their twin sons, an aunt and a cousin. Yes, it is safe to say family is quite important to this charming young man. Ups that lovable quotient, yes?

What is so very touching to me in this particular segment is that Joon and Doong head to Jang Seong (Mir’s hometown) with Mir and prior to leaving G.O says that he hopes that Joon and Doong understand the importance of family when they visit. OMG…this man!

This past May, while he was starring in the musical Seopyeonje a flurry of pictures hit the internet showing G.O’s father, sister, niece, and twin nephews attending one of the performances.


While I was in Seoul to see that same musical, I wondered if his family would make the journey from Changwon to see him. It was endearing and lovely to see that they did.

GO nephews and niece at Seopyeonje

I can only imagine how happy he was to see them and how proud they were of him as he lit up the stage in Seopyeonje.


Although not yet a father himself, I think by the looks of it in how he interacts with his own nephews and niece that he will make a fine father when that time comes.


Oh yeah….they are so G.O’s nephews – we see some familiar swag going on there!^^


I think that if it is his wish, when G.O is ready to start a family of his own, that family will be a far cry from ordinary. I think it will be more like extraordinary. I cannot predict the future, but I’d say G.O has some major potential. He genuinely seems to like children and they definitely like him.

GO with his niece

Hopefully the path he has chosen as a musician will still allow him to become that father of an ordinary family at some point in the future, if that is what he so chooses. Because indeed, I think he will make a fine father some day.

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  1. rucci87 says:

    so much feels when im reading this..
    i have a soft spot for byunghee in my fangirl life.. asdfghjkl this furball personality really close to my ideal type of man tbh =D..

    ok, i dont know maybe it’s just me.. sometimes i have this thought that Dayoung could see him as from an appa to oppa kekeke.. and Dayoung seems very loyal to Jio..

    I really hope MBLAQ relationship is not just as business partners, but as brothers too.. and if it is, i think i can understand the situation because except for Seungho all of them grew up with sisters, the only close brothers that they have are MBLAQ members. I know Joon mentioned it in Sesame Player that MBLAQ members are his brothers, I really hope he mean it.

    When you pointed out about what things would be like if Jio was the one born in October and not November. I think Seungho still the leader because this angry-panda has the older brother and leader vibe on him although he hoped that he finally has a hyung when he sees Jio came to Jtunecamp because of the mustace LOL

    • Michele says:

      Oh my dear….thank you for this!! That you called Seungho an angry panda made day!!!

      Of course I LOVE hearing how Mr. Byung Hee is someone’s ideal type when he is not their bias!! LOVE that he has the power to do that! Haahahahaha!!

      This post started off so short. Then I was like…wait, I need to include MBLAQ because that is def a family for him. Wait..I need to include his fans because I swear that is exactly how he makes you feel – like you are part of his family. The dynamic he has with his fans is just so endearing. He really is a special special man.

      I truly get the feeling from watching MBLAQ that there is a genuine affection. I think Byung Hee is extra special loving, however. Maybe I am delusional on that fact but I think it is because I saw how sweet, gracious and patient he was wit his fans. Seriously….it was unnerving because I kept thinking HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? How is that gorgeous (and relatively famous) man THIS nice. And it is genuine. He is not fake nice.

      Sigh….he drives me crazy. It is not enough that he can sing the way he does or be so flipping handsome. All of that is wrapped up in the sweetest character ever.

      He is my dream man for sure. All I can say is that he is sooooo lucky I am so much older than him and sensible or he would probably need triple bodyguards protecting him. And that is a fact!! Kekkekekekee!!

      By the way, I actually think Rain would have made Seungho leader too even if he was the one born in November. ^^

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