[series] 116 Reasons to Love Byung Hee: #2 – Lip Service

Reason No. 2 – Lip Service

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You had to expect some shallow reasons, right?  But I may surprise you with this post even if it seems as if I am simply ogling the man’s lips! Inasmuch as the songs he sings originate in his heart, it is through G.O’s lips those thoughts and emotions must eventually pass. And what better send off than from his perfectly formed, and resplendently lush lips. Yes….I count his beautiful lips as one of the many reasons to love Byung Hee!♥


Is it G.O’s smile that makes his lips so beautiful? Or, is it his lips that make his smile so beautiful?! Egg-chicken? Chicken-egg? Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain, G.O has some truly beautiful lips.

GO Absolute Perfection

According to an article in Psychology Today, entitled The Lips Don’t Lie, lips convey a lot of information that is often ignored or not even observed. Rich with nerves and highly vascular, the lips react to events and the environment around us. This is true. Often times lips will constrict and disappear when we are under stress. Observing the lips during interrogation is something even some detectives use as a tool to determine the believability of a suspect. Our lips react to the reality of the moment and communicate accurately our feelings and sentiments to others. Think about a kiss for example and the communication going on there…oh wait, it’s too early in the post to talk about kissing!!! O.o


Didn’t think I was going to get all scientific, did you??!! Thought this was going to be paragraph after paragraph of me swooning and squeeing over some lips, huh?! Yes, well there is a little of that, to be sure. Oh and by the way, Byung Hee…according to that article, lip biting is one of the ways we pacify ourselves when we are stressed. It helps to relieve minor tension.   Easy does it, love…..everything is going to be ok!^^

My point in sharing this is that if you notice in most, if not all of his pictures, G.O’s lips are full and lush. They never seem constricted nor do they ‘disappear.’ Says a lot about how he must feel, right? Stress-free and content because he is living both his dream and his truth? Perhaps because he loves to sing it exercises that vascular system and ignites the nerves that lips are apparently so replete with. The result: soft, full, curvaceous and all around delectable lips!

GO Breather

From an aesthetic standpoint, make-up artist Marissa Nemes says that our lips speak volumes about our personality and the way we portray ourselves. This is most likely complete conjecture, yet I think she might have some reasonable insight when it comes to what the shape of our lips say about us…or at least for purposes of this post, what it says about G.O!


G.O has what are most probably considered bow, or heart-shaped lips. According to Marissa, people with cute heart-shaped lips are independent, seductive and expressive.

GO Broken Gif1

KYAAA!!! Miss Marissa, you could not have described our Byung Hee any better!!

GO in White Tux

She goes on to say these people are not afraid to grab life by the horns and enjoy the things they do. Ummm…..YES!!

GO Tongue Play Selca

Finally, she says that people with these gorgeous heart-shaped lips are not afraid to speak their minds and take charge of their destiny.

GO Couples Clinic copy


I guess there is some sound wisdom in her observations after all!

GO Beauty

Sometimes I think G.O has those moments when he actually realizes that he owns a pair of nice lips and either inadvertently or blatantly draws our attention to them:

Not on purpose:

GO Bubbles

On purpose:

GO perfect lips

Not on purpose:

GO lipssss

On purpose (any pointing to or touching constitutes a blatant attempt to lure us!^^):

GO hands pensive

Not on purpose:

GO pout Incheon

On purpose:

Oppa gummy worms

So TOTALLY on purpose:

GO Gummy Worm


Not on purpose:

GO tempting lips

On purpose:


Not on purpose (well since this was for ChapStick, maybe on purpose!):

Aiesh GO2

ABSOLUTELY on purpose:

GO Kisseu

*WARNING: This next section is slightly PG-13 rated!!!

I could not wrap up here without at least bringing up the wonderful and often times sensual activity of kissing. Since we are talking about lips it is only fitting! It is no secret that kissing can be an extremely intimate activity. Given that the lips are packed with nerve endings, it is no surprise then that they are a sensitive and common erogenous zone for most people. Kissing is indeed a way to communicate affection and attraction.

GO Soft Wink

In a million years I would never be able to actually ask G.O if his lips were an erogenous zone or if he agreed with any of the above; but, history seems to indicate that he has had an opportunity or two to get his kiss on so it stands to reason he has at least engaged in the activity, and most likely finds it enjoyable (with lips like his…gosh, I hope so):

Exhibit A – The sweet skinship with Go Woori in Couples Clinic – Love & War 2:

Exhibit B –  An innocent game of pepero ending up in a just about, getting super close, but not-quite-there,  full on kiss:

GO Peppero redux

Exhibit C from the noona romance-inspired Tykeys MV 연상연하 (Old & Young):

GO Tykeys Young and Old

For additional atmosphere here is the amazing song that went along with that MV:

Tykeys – 연상연하 (Old & Young)

Okay then…..everyone still with me? ^^

GO Absolute Cutness

In sum, it is probably most definitely shallow to say that a reason to love Byung Hee is his lips, but humor me if you will.  I can assure you that the reasons I love him are far from anything physical. See, the best part of him is not what you see with your eyes, but rather what you feel in your heart when he shares his music, his sweet and charming character, and his gracious appreciation for all that he has (which include his fans, of course). This man is so much more than what we see. His lips, well, they are just a bonus because the song that comes from those lips, the way he speaks his truth, or the quiet way in which he appreciates fans, is where the real beauty lies.

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