바람의나라 (The Kingdom of The Winds) – Final Thoughts of G.O’s Prince Hodong

Kingdom Leads

As I sit down to gather my final thoughts about the musical 바람의나라 (The Kingdom of The Winds), and in particular, G.O’s gentle nuanced performance, I truly do not know where to begin. Before I stepped into the theatre to watch it unfold real-time, I did a little background check of the story so I would have some idea going in.  Still, nothing could have prepared me for the powerful and emotional interpretation brought to the stage by the Seoul Arts Group or the tender, heart-wrenching performance by G.O in the role of Prince Hodong. G.O continues to shock and amaze me.

A Kingdom of Uncertainty

Haemyun Muhyul Hodong

Having its foundation in manhwa and translated in a 36 episode television drama, as well as in a previously produced award-winning successful musical, I was very curious to see the current musical theatre interpretation of 바람의나라 (The Kingdom of the Winds). Likewise, many theatre aficionados were curious to see if K-pop artist G.O would be able to interpret the very important role of Prince Hodong in the manner of a seasoned musical actor in a prestigious theatre company. If they had any doubts, I am certain those doubts were laid to rest the moment he took the stage and, even more so after he sang his first musical number in the show.

There were many characters in this musical and all were integral to the story. I am not going to go into all of them as my main focus here is on G.O.^^

Steeped in Korean history and sprinkled with some fantasy, The Kingdom of The Winds is a story about a family wrestling with prophecies that may or may not come to pass. But in the wake of that, tragic and consequential decisions  are made that alter the future and survival of the family, as well as the kingdom.

This was a time when families were torn by betrayal and suspicion and neighboring kingdoms at constant war and dispute. King Muhyul was a fierce warrior whose drive to conquer by means of force really stemmed (in my opinion) from the helplessness he felt after his one true love, Yeon, died.

Muyhul & Yeon

It was as if he had nothing better to live for so why not just effectuate war around himself and expand his kingdom. There was nothing soft about Muhyul. He was edgy, aggressive and stern.

King Muhyul

He buried his true heart beneath layers of anger and sadness. Not even a second marriage could ease or mend his heart. In fact, he wanted nothing to do with Queen Iji.

Muyhul & Iji

She came into the marriage wanting wealth and power but instead fell helplessly in love with Muhyul but would be unable to win his heart – for when Yeon died, Muhyul’s heart died.

Queen Iji

As a war mongering king, Muhyul could not embrace the fact that his son, Hodong, lacked the strength, will, fortitude and desire to be a conquering warrior like himself. He repeatedly tells Hodong that a weak-hearted person cannot be king.

Muhyul Tells Hodong Weak Cannot Be King

In his attempt to become stronger and be stronger, Hodong turns his back on his spirit animal, the Phoenix, and it is shot dead by his father. On a fantasy level, to lose one’s spirit guide must be a loss of irreversible damage. Even though Muhyul clearly tells Hodong (after he attempted to take the life of the Phoenix earlier), that their respective spirit animals are enemies, he still asks Hodong, ‘what have you given up’, meaning, what has this decision done?

Hodong Realizes His Mistake

An Innocent Boy in a Fragile Kingdom

Fragile Hodong

Having had the wonderful opportunity to see G.O perform in Kingdom, I will say this: when he took the stage in this musical, he was no longer G.O of MBLAQ. No, he transformed both inside and out and became Prince Hodong.

A little boy filled with wonder hearing the story of his lineage:

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 9.07.09 AM

hodong filled with wonder2Hodong filled with wonder

Acknowledging the sacrifice his mother made so he could live:

Hodong singing with Yeon

Playfully frolicking with his spirit animal, The Phoenix:

Hodong Happy with his Phoenix


Hodong playful

Feeling the pain to his core when his Phoenix is shot (the first time) by his father:

Hodong's Phoenix is shot

Hodong Feeling the Pain of his injured Phoenix2

Hodong Feeling the Pain of his injured Phoenix

Asking his father why his small heart is filled with so many tears and so much pain. And ultimately lamenting that he longs for a kingdom filled with peace:

But then…..asks for his sword in contemplation of emulating his father:

Hodong asking for his sword

Rebuking the advice of his spirit animal, Hodong declares he WILL be like his father:

Hodong with Sword

Prince HoDong with Sword

He WILL wield a sword like his father:

Hodong with sword and phoenix

Hodong emulating his father

He WILL follow his father even at the expense of losing his spirit animal, his guide…the one being who truly knows his heart. The Phoenix tells Hodong that his father only loves war and wants to expand his kingdom, that he does not love Hodong:

Hodong Phoenix rehearsals

The loving Phoenix tries to convince Hodong, but to no avail:

Phoenix Tries to Convice Hodong

Hodong and Phoenix

Hodong believes his father loves him and ultimately turns his back on his spirit animal and loses the one being that was his true protectorate:

Hodong and Phoenix disagree

Hodong catches injured phoenix

Hodong Loses his Phoenix

And when it is too late, Hodong knows the consequence of his decision to allow his spirit animal to perish has now left him completely vulnerable and without any protection.

Hodong Knows He Was Wrong

OMG….the feels this musical put me through!!!

Vulnerable and alone, Hodong eventually falls prey to a wickedly jealous, self-serving and selfish Queen Iji who accuses of him of slandering her. She brings her concerns to the King and arouses suspicion. The people of the kingdom know of Hodong’s true and gentle heart. They implore him to do something – to let it be known that she is wrong.

Hodong does nothing. He tells them, if I tell the King, then the sins of the Queen will be revealed. This would cause the King great sorrow. How then is that an act of piety towards the King? Hodong chose to be silent so that the King would not suffer.

gentle hodong

Hodong, gentle, warm, loving, Hodong. Knowing no other way to right the wrong without causing great sadness, hurt and unhappiness to his father, Hodong commits suicide by impaling himself with a dagger. The closing scene is so very powerful as Hodong is left on the stage with the entire kingdom leaving him behind, walking towards the horizon.

Hodong left along

Final Shot

End of KOTWThe art direction in this musical was vibrant and visually spectacular. I particularly appreciated that the main characters were always lit in a specific color of light. Hodong was alway lit by a golden-yellow light. Like the sun, he signified the dawn and hope of a new day. His gentle spirit filled with the hope of a new and better kingdom, one filled with happiness and peace. It was the perfect choice of color for the luminous Hodong.

Closing Thoughts


Yes…I am just a bit smitten with Hodong. Hodong was an innocent boy with big dreams. Unfortunately he was a victim of circumstances brought on by the choices of his father. He was a beautiful, gentle, loving soul trying to do what was right and just.  G.O was a perfect fit for the role. His gentle and soulful voice coupled with the ability to go deep emotionally as an actor served Hodong so very well.

I am quite sure G.O walked away from this role (and that of Dongho in Seopyeonje) with a brand new group of fans both in the K-pop and musical theatre worlds. And for that, I couldn’t be more proud or happy for him.

As wonderful and delightful as he was as both Dongho and Hodong, one thing was for certain, after he took his final bow for the evening…..lovely G.O greeted his fans as the divinely gracious, humble, engaging and gregarious handsome man that we’ve come to know and adore.

GO post Kingdom show

I just love this guy!♥

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  1. Cloud USA says:

    The TV drama “Kingdom of the Winds” is one of my all time favorites. I fell in love with Muhyul due to the amazing talents of Song IlGook. Now, to see that this stage musical continues the story (we were left with Hodong as a toddler) and that G.O has successfully stepped into the shoes of a maturing Hodong and made the role his own… I am floored. So very proud of him!

    Great post, Michele. So glad you shared it!

    Stephe ^@@^

    • Michele says:

      Hey Stephe!!!

      G.O blew me away in this role. He had to play a very youthful Hodong and he did with such believability. He has the voice to be an amazing musical theatre star but he proved to me that he can act as well. While he was finishing up his performances of Seopyeonje, he was in rehearsals for Kingdom. How he kept each character separate was an amazing feat to me. The director (who was the same for both musicals) once tweeted that at Kingdom rehearsals he was extremely restless and anxious as he had a Seopyeonje performance that same night. She said he was worried because he was so focused on Hodong that afternoon he thought he would not give proper effort to his character in Seopyeonje later that night.

      I love that he is so committed to his work and that he decided to explore musical theatre. He really was amazing in both roles, but I feel Hodong was more of a challenge for him because he had to play him with such youthful innocence. He was fantastic. And his voice was perfect. He is so much more than what we see in MBLAQ. He is true artist full of amazing talent. And omg…he is the sweetest man ever!!!! Not to mention gorgeous as well. ^^

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