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TVXQ Tuesday: Holding Back The Tears

TVXQ Van pic

Since I have been focusing specifically on their music for these posts, I did not realize that the men of TVXQ filmed and released a drama back in 2006 called Vacation. See, you learn something new every day. And as I am still making my way through ALL of their music as a 5-man group, I rely on discography lists to assist me.  This is how I found the gorgeous Holding Back The Tears.

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TVXQ Tuesday: Bolero


If you want to witness greatness, I think you are going to find it right here. I have been putting off featuring Bolero because I have felt that I could not possibly do it justice. It is my favorite. And, it is mind-boggling how perfect this live performance is, truly.

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TVXQ Tuesday: Tonight


All it took was the opening note by Junsu in this one and I was catapulted into orbit and left spinning on my own axis trying to grab onto something and catch my breath long enough to listen to the entire song!! My dear sweet Junsu…seriously my love, must you be so vocally superior every waking moment??? And then, Changmin trailing right behind you with his plaintive cry?  Aieesh! Just another example of why these men are so respected and heartily missed in their full five man form. Just, wow.

And dear me, there is just something about a man at the piano. Yes, Yoochun, there most certainly is! Maybe coming fresh from the K-drama, Five Fingers, I am still having a thing about seeing a man at the piano (Ji Chang Wook wore the piano as a pretty hot and enticing accessory if I do say so). But before we see our Yoochun at the piano, he whispers in that smooth deep velvety tone: “Baby right now, right here.” I thought oh yes, I think we are in for a sultry ride!

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I love this slow, easy jam with the ever-present killer vocals these men consistently bring. Such a sensual ride.  Yoochun’s deep spoken words, the gorgeous harmonies – ALL of it! And oh my goodness when Yoochun and Junsu trade off at about the 2:31 mark. Absolute heaven! Love it! These guys and their voices never fail and are nothing short of perfection each and every time (studio or live). It’s just unnerving sometimes!! Still, I keep coming back for more. ♥

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TVXQ Tuesday – Whatever They Say


When I first started to explore TVXQ, I kept coming across information that the group performed quite a bit a cappella-style in its early days. It is interesting that the word itself, an Italian word, means “in the manner of the church” or “in the manner of a chapel.”  You know, sacred music. Music that is generally unaccompanied by any musical instruments. The only instrument used is the voice.    For a pop band to come blazing out singing without instruments is pretty ballsy.  But someone knew what they were doing because TVXQ takes you to church with this song.

In the pop world today, and specifically here in the US, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a singer or group that could go au naturel.  In this day and age of auto tune and the likes, many singers have to rely on electronic cosmetics to make the finished product listenable.  I know there are many excellent singers out there, Josh Groban, for example, that could sing without musical accompaniment.  But these true vocal phenoms are few and far between.

Then there are Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, five beautifully tuned musical instruments. When I listen to Whatever They Say, I am once again reminded why there are so many of us out here in fanland who would sell our first borns to see these 5 amazing singers reunite and regale us once again with their incredible and synergistic vocals.  When Jaejoong hits those high notes at around the 2:44 mark in this one, it sends chills down my spine.  Each one of their voices has an intonation and mellifluous quality all of its own and this song showcases each one of them beautifully individually, and when together, magnificently.  So very, very lovely.

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