TVXQ Tuesday: Wausurenaide


When I asked fellow blogger, the delightful Janey of Asian Fixations if she had any TVXQ song suggestions for my little series here, she did not hesitate to throw Wausurenaide right at me. It was for good reason. Janey knows her stuff. She knows how amazing these five men are at their craft. And, she also apparently knows how cute Changmin looks in this video. ^^  So thank you, Janey for this recommendation, because it blew me away!

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The wistful orchestration and heavenly vocals of Wausurenaide took me on a journey. This gorgeously crafted song is yet more proof of the inexplicable talent of these five men. I know, I know….I know – redundant. <hehehe> But, I never tire of saying it. Much like I never tire of listening to them.

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This live version is spectacular. Whenever these young men (or any vocalist) get to sing with a live band backing them, it just heightens the mood. There is just something about a live band. Not that music tracks are a bad thing. Live just gives it all that much more of a ‘concert’ feel and the context so much richer.

The beautiful chorus in this song is what love songs are made of and Jaejoong’s poeticism is breathtaking. He is the writer and composer of this song. If it translates this sweetly into English, I can only image how deep and meaningful it must be in Japanese, the language it was written in. I am sure a little bit of the meaning and context gets lost in the translation. How I wish I were multi-lingual!!!

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The one thing that is never lost in the translation is the way these five men deliver a song to us. I swear sometimes listening to them sing is akin to having a religious experience. (Hope that wasn’t too politically incorrect…..LOL).

Jae opens this one so softly. And, when Jae goes to this lower range, his voice is so velvety. Really, his voice is like a lover’s caress when he sings in this range.

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And, oh this maknae!! When the line “I want to keep protecting your eternal happiness’ comes out of him, I BELIEVE it because he sings it with such conviction.

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Gorgeous, gentle and magnificent vocal pirate Junsu (yes, he is pirate because he jumps right onto the ship of your heart, steals it, takes over, and renders you captive.) He introduces the chorus of the song and the first line, “I’ll become the wind and wrap gently around you” just gives me chills, chills, feels, more chills and even more feels.

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And oh this delectable boy!! (Bias-rising….hehehehe! ^^)

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Yunho in this deeper range is quickly becoming my fave place for his voice. It is so deep and soothing in this range and is always a sweet and solid foundation when matched with Changmin, Junsu or Jae. These voices were simply meant to be together.

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Yoochun, whose usual bass tones anchor songs, always makes me sit up and really pay attention when he comes at us in a higher range as we see him do in this song. The beautiful part of Yoochun, Yunho and Jae, for that matter, is their ability to have such sweet lower ranges but slay those higher notes with presence and command when warranted.

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I love that they begin the song on the round revolving stage and each has their moment in the song coming full circle. They set it all up so nicely for the finale where they all end up back on the main stage to finish it out. It is complete fireworks when Changmin and Yoochun combine for those high notes – it is the ultimate crescendo, right?!

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 5.29.19 PM 1

Then, like a shooting star that then falls gracefully (and softly to earth) Junsu returns to tell us once again that he will become the wind that wraps gently around us. Like one final hug enveloping us, Junsu’s voice teems with emotion. I just can’t……..aiesssh!

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But the final blow is Jae and Jun’s gorgeously harmonized ‘wasurenaide’ as the song closes. Beautiful.

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From the opening notes to the closing strains of this tender and beautiful song, there is not a moment where it falters or loses its grip on your heart. Thank you, Janey. This one may just may have edged out Bolero as my TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki favorite as I have lost count as to how many times I have listened to it now. ♥

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  1. Janey says:

    Aaaaaah! Thank you! This song is so beautiful and your words definitely made it even lovelier. The boys are wonderful singers but the emotions they put into their singing is the reason why it’s such a joy (though a tearful one) to see and hear them perform. Their five voice coming along together is pure magic, isn’t it? But you’re right, I wish I understand the lyrics, too!

    Also, I LOL’ed: “Gorgeous, gentle and magnificent vocal pirate Junsu (yes, he is pirate because he jumps right onto the ship of your heart, steals it, takes over, and renders you captive.)” – Haha! You’re so creative with your analogies~

    Really, thank you so much for this. I’m so glad you love it~! This is one of my favorites, too, along with many others. Thank you, Michele unnie!

    • Michele says:

      Awww…thank you, Janey!!!! I LOVED this one and this live performance was simply perfect. And…hahahaha, yes Junsu is a vocal pirate!! A totally cute and sexy one at that! What a voice that man has, right? They are all so wonderful. You are correct in that it is the emotion they put into their singing and performance which pushes everything to another level. I cannot say enough about them – they are truly amazing!! <3

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