MBLAQ Musings: Panting over the Pants

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.” – Karl Lagerfeld

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Yes, I am having a full-blown shallow fangirl moment. When I watch the video for MBLAQ’s January 14, 2012 Music Core performance of This Is War, I admit I am highly distracted by the sixth member of the group, the pants. These pants are interpreting a reality all right – Real men built really well, wearing really close-fit pants (heck, these are nearly man-tights) really nicely. For reals! I am so mesmerized by the pants that I felt compelled to honor them here.

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Nevermind that the song is really good, the choreography effective and the performance intense, check out those pants. Listen, most of the time, I find when multi-person groups all dress identical it’s a little lazy and redundant. At the same time it kind of evens the playing field not allowing one to stand out more than the other. They are a group after all and are presented as such. I get it. And, to their credit, in that MBLAQ may adopt the same color scheme often – they do dress individually now and then during many live television and/or concert performances.

But in this performance they go all identical and I think maybe the pants here are even stealing Thunder’s thunder. The grey speckled, almost diffused camo pattern of those pants hug our huggable lads ever so tightly and work so well.  This is one of those moments when dressing alike affords the viewer an opportunity see who wore it best often vehemently defending his or her bias as the best in show! Here in this performance, however, they are ALL doing justice to the pants.

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Coupled with black form-fitted military-esque shirts and it is the stylist for a win!

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 9.50.46 PM!

(Yes, that is G.O – you can read more about him here. )

I must give the stylist a shout out because that person got it right. Really right.  But then, when you have five men who are built as men should be, filling those pants out the way these five do, you simply cannot go wrong.

Is it just me or are the boys all growed up????? Even the maknaes are filling out nicely.

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 9.50.28 PM

And, G.O….well, he’s always been grown up, filled out, muscular and delightfully furry! ♥

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I just love these pants.

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[Video credit: MBCkpop]

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