TVXQ Tuesday: Begin


There is something so subtly seductive about these five guys. They are all handsome, to be sure. But I think there is more and it most probably has something to do with their voices. Jae’s voice in this performance is like velvet wrapped in silk. The tone of his voice is naturally so rich and soothing and in this performance, even more so.

When Yoochun and Changmin harmonize it is such a sublime balance of calm and urgency. Yoochun’s deep tones match Changmin’s higher ones and are a lovely yin and yang – a sweet balance. I wonder if they sat in a room before recording and decided who would pair with who during songs. Was it a producer call or their choice? However and by whom really doesn’t matter I suppose. What matters is how well it always seems to work no matter how they pair off.

When Junsu enters and prefaces the 5-part harmony about to explode, I just lose myself in the nectar of their voices.

Begin is such a beautiful song. And, such a bittersweet love song that could so easily be one they could sing to one another, “Even though we are apart, we can still share our thoughts.”  “When you can’t say good-bye to yesterday….”  The five of them never fail to take what is already so beautiful and push it straight into gorgeous. Sigh.

[Image credit: credit: Macky Tomayo]


  1. Janey says:

    Hello. I’m usually a quite reader, but I seriously love your TVXQ Tuesday. It’s rare for me to find blog posts about TVXQ that’s not news related, so your series is something I really appreciate. Please continue this series, because I’m seriously looking forward to more. 🙂 And Begin is just daebak! It definitely pulls at the heartstrings~

    • Michele says:

      Hi Janey! Thank you SO much for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment – I so appreciate this!! I did this series on a whim when I got caught watching Mirotic at work…hehehehe! What it is affording me ultimately is to get acquainted with all of their music. True, I am keeping it to just the group before the split, but in the 6 years they were together as a 5-man group, they did so much. I think I will have plenty to share for awhile.

      They consistently blow me away – I mean seriously these are five talented young men, aren’t they? They are all doing quite well, but I still would love to see some kind of reunion – even if it were for only one show!!!

      Please feel free to suggest songs or performances that I can share here. I love to listen to (and watch) these 5 perform so I welcome any suggestions.

      Thank you again so much! **hugs**

      • Janey says:

        Yes, I’m not really expecting to come back as five, but a little reunion will be nice! Like seriously, hearing the 5 of them sing together will probably make me weep. Well, I’m pretty sure that the entire Cassiopeia fandom will be wailing for ages when it happens. But it’ll be soooooo magical, there’s no denying that! Whew.

        Well, if you’re asking for suggestions, I’d love to hear your commentary on Wasurenaide? ^^

      • Michele says:

        Janey, if the planets align for these five and they all agree to reunite for even one song, it will be worth it!!! Wasurenaide it is!! Thank you! ^^

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