The Back Up Dancer That Could

I know that this is going to come as no surprise, but I woke this morning thinking about Rain.  I was thinking how awesome it must be that he finally completed his military service and that he is able to enjoy his time exactly the way he wants to enjoy it.  I was thinking about how hard he has worked to get where he is today and how his rise to fame was no easy task.  Of course, I am ALWAYS thinking about how handsome he is and how his beauty both inside and out just takes my breath away.

Bi NR Boat

Then I remembered this video.  He was only a back up dancer at this point and this only a rehearsal,  yet all the signs were there of what was to unfold.

[Video credit:  maruborarain2]

When I watch Rain in these early clips, I am constantly reminded of how he performs from somewhere deep within himself and how he never fails to give 200%, even when just a back up dancer.   So, I wanted to come here to share it even though I am quite sure every Rain fangirl out there has seen it (and likely more than once)!  It is still a potent reminder of his incredible talent and that his hunger to succeed and be the best is a constant source of inspiration not only to himself, but to many of us who admire him so much.  Dance on, Rain….


  1. kfangurl says:

    Interesting! So.. I wonder who the fan was, who took the video purely focusing on the back-up dancer? As a back-up dancer, Rain had his own fans?? ^^

    • Michele says:

      Someone with great foresight, to be sure!! He did have a short stint in a boy band, Fan Club, when he was like 15, I think, so it is conceivable he may have had a fan base to some extent or at least one smart fangirl who had the wherewithal to tape that rehearsal!!! Check out this little timeline video which shows some early Fan Club days and a little piece of that JYP rehearsal number for the awards show in 2001. Yeah…I’d say Rain had himself a following even as a back up dancer!! ^.~

    • Michele says:

      I would say so!!! Apparently that short time he spent in the boy band Fan Club gave him enough of a launch to be noticed as a back up dancer!!! He sure did steal JYP’s thunder in that rehearsal, tho – I agree!! Love it!

  2. Cloud USA says:

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    I can’t think of a better title for this post. Rain certainly IS the backup dancer that could, and DID. And keeps on doing! (That JYP back up dancer fan cam will always be a real favorite!) — Stephe ^@@^

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