Summing Up Seoul


It is impossible for me to adequately sum up my trip to Seoul when I have so many emotions crowding my heart.  Let’s just say I did not want to leave.  Perhaps that in and of itself, sums it up.

My time in Seoul provided so many amazing memories starting with my taxi ride from Incheon through the narrow streets of Insadong searching for my hotel all the way to the hunt for a lost umbrella!  I think I climbed a thousand or more stairs navigating the Seoul Metro and dodged rain drops while sightseeing.  The highlight of my trip, however, was the night spent outside the West Gate of the Defense Media Agency, waiting for Rain, and the following morning when I saw him walk through that gate. In the days that led up to that moment and the days that followed, one thing was for sure, it was that event that set the tone for my entire visit and put me in the company of some amazingly beautiful people.

I learned indeed there was a Gangnam-style while walking the streets of Gangnam-du.  And that style shares its frenetic pace, visual splendor and overall bling factor with New York City.


I discovered that South Koreans love…no, more like worship the coffee bean!!!  In addition to the many Starbucks that line the streets of the various areas throughout Seoul, you could find a myriad of other shops from Angels In Us to Caffe Bene to  Tom N Toms or the Twosome Place – it is no doubt that Seoul is an admirable coffee rival to Seattle!



I learned that the long history the US shares with South Korea is prevalent in the continued presence of US citizens living and working in Seoul or serving in the US military and stationed in Seoul.  I did have the opportunity to walk the grounds of the Korean War National Museum.  It was nicely situated directly across the street from DEMA.  So being there put one in close proximity to Rain, well prior to July 10th, anyway!!  The various statues on the grounds of the museum were awe-inspiring and simply amazing.  I completely forgot to share these photos in a post because I actually was there the day before Sgt. Rain’s discharge.  And the plan for that day changed from…let’s just check out the West Gate area to okay, we’re digging, in, camping out, and staying until the next morning!  So I guess you can say I had other things on my mind!!

But these are worth sharing and if you visit Seoul, the museum worth checking out.





I found that it is not rude to push and shove your way in and out of a metro train, especially during rush hour and that it is every man, woman and child for themselves when it comes to grabbing a seat.  I saw grown men push their way past ahjummas three times their age to grab a seat. And, it was all good.  It was a pure pleasure to ride the Seoul Metro. Cool, high-tech, and clean…there is no better way to navigate Seoul, in my opinion.


I learned that language is no barrier and a smile goes a long way.  I had a few taxi drivers howling with laughter when I was attempting to give them directions carefully copied and pasted to my iPhone in Korean and would invariably start out with a ‘jamkkanmanyo’ before going any further with my destination request!!  Sometimes command of just one word in your vocabulary can be a life-saver!!

I surmised that there are simply never enough souvenirs with Rain’s likeness on them!!  And that a second (empty) suitcase is probably a good idea to enter the country with!



Mostly, I discovered that Seoul was the perfect place to meet some extraordinary new friends.  I never anticipated to connect with so many. In a way, I seem to have found a community of sorts.  A community bursting and overflowing with fangirl vivacity! I have Rain to thank, completely.  It was fantastic and wonderful and wild!  I mean, who would have thought that spending an evening using Google Translate to communicate would yield perhaps some of the best moments of my entire visit?

Yes, Seoul had a charm all unto itself as a city, but it was the people I met along the way who will forever leave a lasting impression on me and connect me forever with my time spent there.  Beautiful friends from the Philippines and Japan, Odette, Josie, Mikako and Mitch….


My K-pop compadres from Spain, Myriam and Marisol….


The ever-smiling and delightful Sevgi from Turkey (she’s sandwiched in the middle between Odette and I)….

Sev O & me

[Photo credit: Ayşen Sevgi Öncül]

My Seoul-sisters, Terry and Se Na!  So much fun in Gangnam that night with these two!!  Our mobile phones did most of the work but I credit Rain with his amazing unifying super powers for allowing us to communicate so easily.  When the common denominator is Rain, there are no language barriers…just sayin’!!♥


[Photo credit: 윤세나]

As I reluctantly let go of Korean Standard Time and settle back into my daily routine here in the US, I look back at my time in Seoul with such love and fondness for a city and its people.  I cannot wait to go back.  I only scratched the surface of Seoul’s fabulousness – I think the city (and South Korea, itself) has a lot more to show me.  So, I am definitely gearing up for Seoul – The Sequel!!♥

Miche @ the gate

[Photo credit: Ayşen Sevgi Öncül]


  1. kfangurl says:

    It’s surreal, that after all those months of planning and anticipation, that your Big Seoul Adventure is now fully in the bag! And What. A. Glorious. Ride. it turned out to be! You did a marvelous job taking us on your trip, and I have to salute you for managing to blog while on the road. That’s dedication, I say! Job fabulously done, and thanks for letting us join you! <3

    With all that Rain stuff, have you decked out a full room in your home yet, making it Michele's Mini Rain Museum? ;D

    • Michele says:

      With a heavy heart and deep sigh I closed out Seoul…at least this chapter! I am sure there are future adventures to be had and I am ready!

      No Rain museum yet – I actually shared a lot of that loot with others and left only a small portion for myself. But I am working on giving him some space and/or a place of honor in my home mostly so I can at least continue to admire him daily – come to think of it, that will go without saying with or without a physical marker!!!

      Thank you for all of your encouragement and following along. I am sure I could have done more – but at least I will always have a place to come back to to reminisce. <3 <3 <3

  2. Cloud USA says:


    It has been such a pleasure reading about all of your adventures. Thank you for so generously sharing your trek through Seoul with all of us Rain fans. ♥

    Terri :-}

    • Michele says:

      Wish I could have had MORE Rain to report on but, I will go back or better yet, he will come here and we ALL will have lots to share! <3

  3. tonicny says:

    Michele, like others have said Thank You so much for taking us along on your trip, your blogs are amazing to read and truly great pictures . What an awesome first Seoul trip experience. You met such beautiful Clouds from all around the world which most of us only know online and long lasting friendships develop all due to this one special man/world star that we have all come to love and support. I was not in Seoul on this journey with you but wished I was there daily. You and I met because of Rain in Washington DC and since that May 8th event its been a pleasure getting to know you and look forward to many more Rain events that are to come and look forward to having the chance to meet so many of these really dedicated Clouds from all around the world.

    • Michele says:

      Toni, thank you so much for your support and for taking this journey with me! I honestly feel the best part of my journey was meeting and connecting with other Clouds. I tried to convince myself early on before I left for Seoul that I was not going just because of Rain. Somewhere around July 10th, I changed that tune and realized that my journey to Seoul was indeed fueled by Rain!

      You know we will have some serious travel to do once Mr. World Star hits our shores and should he delay that, we will have to find a way to get to where he will be……Japan would be cool!!! Singapore awesome. Seoul would be the ultimate. We will get there, wherever it may end up being. In the meantime, let’s keep loving on him and supporting him every step of the way. In doing that, we may just gently coax him to coming to the US (and us) THAT much quicker!!! <3

  4. missienelly says:

    What a wonderful journey you had! One of these days, I’m going to tag along with you to our “motherland” 😀 I truly enjoy reading your Seoul posts and to follow you around as a tourist and fangirl. And I still can’t believe you second bag is full of RAIN! Ahhh-mazing!

    • Michele says:

      I am so very sorry it is over…truly, I am sad!!! But this little tidbit has definitely given me drive to return!! It was indeed a wonderful journey even if I did not venture out of Seoul. There was still so much to see and do. I probably should have done more – but all the more reason to return! I will go back with more knowledge and a stronger drive to hunt down Junsu (unless he decides to come here). I am still formulating that fantasy of he and Rain sharing the stage which would be absolutely epic!!!

      • Michele says:

        And, as there is no longer a PR department…he will do regular duty. Somehow I am finding that hot. Junsu in a uniform….that is working for me, actually!

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