A man with an incredible voice who sings with unabashed emotion, has a provocative stage presence AND a beautifully pure and boyish smile? Sounds strikingly familiar, doesn’t it, Rain?  Hmmm, maybe I have a K-type after all.  My trip to Seoul  exposed me to so  many things and resulted in repeated visits to Korean music stores which subsequently got me a little more acquainted with K-pop.  It was during this time I discovered Kim Junsu after a fangirl swoonfest over TVXQ.   I admit to being duly smitten and immediately knew Junsu would be my next K-Shot of Hot.


Ok so I admit that I do not know much about Junsu and will be learning as I go along here.  But, isn’t that exactly why I decided to start this blog in the first place??  I wanted to get to know the hot men of K-drama and K-pop.  So yeah, perfect.

What I discovered  about Kim Junsu is that he is a Sagittarius born on December 15, 1986 and is a twin.  Oy! There is a second version of him walking the earth???  Kim Junho is Junsu’s older fraternal twin brother, and a singer in his own right who is very popular throughout Japan and China.


Hmmmmm, doubly good, right??  Also, Kim Junsu and Junho’s mother is former Miss Korea, Yoon Young Mi.  She definitely lent those beauty genes of hers to her boys.

KJS and mom

I also learned that Junsu was signed by SM Entertainment when he was only 11 years old. Just like JYP saw the talent that became Rain, SM knew they were most were probably on to something with Junsu.  He subsequently debuted in 2003 as one of the original members of the K-pop group TVXQ.  He chose the stage name “XIA/XIAH” saying it was short for “Asia” (if you remove the first A) and that having this name would fuel his desire to become a star not only in Korea, but throughout Asia.  Mission accomplished.   Currently, he is a member of JYJ, has released two solo albums, lent his voice to many OST tracks, AND has done some stage work.  Pretty prolific, mighty talented and only 26! So let’s break it all down.



Mirotic is my TVXQ crack.  Plain and simple.  I am not going to mince words here.  This video can keep me awake at night repeatedly watching it – I like it THAT much.  Wrong Number is pretty good, too.


TVXQ is also known as DBSK or Tohoshinki depending on whether you are from China, South Korea or Japan, respectively.  I love these guys as the original 5-man group.  I think they compliment each other so well. The hot factor is pretty potent here, don’t you think?  Just look at them!!! I know my loving the 5 of them together and secretly wishing they were still together or at least thinking about reuniting, is probably going to ruffle some feathers because they have now factioned off into two separate groups with two very separate and wildly zealous fan bases.  But I think SM Entertainment got it right when it put these 5 together.  From their inception in 2003 to the split in 2009, TVXQ reigned supreme in the boy band K-pop world.  All 5 could sing.  All 5 could dance.  Junsu, however, really stood out.

Seriously stood out.

In 2009, three of the five members filed an application to the Seoul Central District Court questioning the validity of the group’s contract with SM Entertainment.  Kim Junsu was one of the three (along with Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun) who filed the application which stated in part that TVXQ’s contract with SM “was excessively long, schedules were held out without the confirmation or permission of the members, contract terms have been extended and changed without their knowledge or consent and that the group’s earnings were not fairly distributed to the members.” [Source: Wikipedia]

TVXQ was now split in two with Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun forming JYJ and Yunho and Changmin carrying on as TVXQ.  The lawsuit resolved in 2012 and SM Entertainment relinquished all contractual ties to the members of JYJ.  I think if I would have known about them then, I would have been very sad to see the demise of the group as a whole but would have still gone on loving them each as their separate entities (as I currently do)…with a slight bias towards JYJ simply because of Junsu.  Hey…..a fangirl’s heart wants what it wants!!!



By April 2010, with legal battles with SM still lingering, JYJ was officially created and the boys were able to concentrate on their music and move forward with their careers.  Their first release was an extended play Japanese EP. The song “W” charted highest.  Such a sweet vocal feast. TVXQ always had a huge Japanese fan base so it is not surprising that JYJ’s first offering fared pretty well.  Love the emotional delivery here – something I believe has been inherent in Junsu from the get go.  When you love what you do, it really pours out of you. It is almost as if it cannot be contained, it just needs to be shared.

Can these guys sing or what???!

The Beginning was JYJ’s debut studio album.  In reading the history of this first LP, the album was a global offering as it was recorded in English despite the fact that Junsu and Jaejoong were not fluent in the language. The album yielded two singles, Ayyy Girl, which featured Kanye West and Malik Yusef and Empty.  But since this post is all about Junsu, I am going to share his I Can Soar because he composed the music for the song and of course it is all his vocally.

Yeah, I think this man was born to sing.

JYJ’s second offering In Heaven saw them taking more control over writing and composing.  Each of the ten tracks on the album were either written, composed and/or arranged by the boys.  The first single, In Heaven debuted at #10 on Billboard’s Korea K-Pop Hot 100.

OmO!!! Junsu in a suit and tie.  I’m swooning……….

I will forever appreciate K-pop MV’s because often they are mini-movies and the production value is always so spot on.


The second single Get Out delivers a sweet punch of Junsu vocals.  And, again…the suits!!!  Nice.

Going Solo


Nothing could have prepared me for the talented fury that is Junsu on his own. Nothing.  I am completely in awe and utterly mesmerized by his explosive talent.


In April 2010, Junsu released a teaser for Intoxication which was going to be the first single from his solo album, Tarantellegra.  Prior to the release of that studio album, he self-produced an EP simply entitled Xiah which was recorded in Japanese and debuted at #2 in the Japanese charts. It included the song Beautiful Love which was the theme song for the Japanese drama of the same name which starred co-JYJ member, Yoochun.

He makes it look and sound so effortless, doesn’t he?

In May of 2012, Tarantellegra was released.  If Mirotic and Wrong Number sent me into a fan girl frenzy, the first single,  Intoxication nearly put me in the hospital!!!  The first time I watched the MV for the song, I felt confident Junsu studied Rain, and took many good and comprehensive notes.  Intoxication was written and composed by Junsu, himself, and what a formidable first single from his first solo album.  Take a seat, turn up the A/C because this one is hot.

*Fans self* *Fans self* *Fans self*

Then there is Tarantellegra which is nothing short of spectacular, a complete feast for the ears and eyes.  Mirotic remains my old school, before-the-break-up TVXQ crack.  Tarantellegra  is definitely my solo Junsu obsession.

Seriously wicked talent.  Completely mesmerizing.

Or how about Fever???  Really Junsu, do you have to be THIS hot???

A few months after Tarantellegra was released, Junsu released a CD single that included his song Uncommitted which saw him winning the Best Korean Male Artist Award at the 1st Yin Yue Tai V-Chart Awards in April of 2013.  Yin Yue Tai is China’s largest online video streaming website and votes are cast from all over the world.  What is even more impressive is that the single was written, produced and recorded in English.  Nice work…Junsu-ssi, nice.

Incredible CD cover

In July 2013, Junsu released his second solo album, Incredible and that is exactly what it is!!  The album is a nice mix of just about everything: dance, ballad, pop, and R&B.  And his voice, well his voice is all that and more.  Prior to the release of the album, he pre-released the track 11AM. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album.  It is simply gorgeous. Here is a special clip with Junsu regaling us by opening the song a capella. Wow.

So beautiful and touching, right?  Really love his voice.

Ok then, let’s flip the coin here and just dance….

And then, there is the real stand out cut (in my opinion) of the album, Rainy Eyes which I think is absolutely spectacular.

OST Work

I happen to think Junsu has the quintessential OST voice for ballad-like, love-laced OST tracks.  Here are some of his offerings.  Not all are actually on the respective OSTs, but are lovely fan made videos to accompany the song.

From the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal:

From the drama Scent of a Woman:

From the drama Rooftop Prince:

From the drama The Innocent Man:

From the drama The Fugitive of Joseon/Mandate of Heaven:

Theatrical Work

When I learned that Junsu had some theatrical stage work under his belt, I became even more impressed with him.  I am thinking…..what CAN’T this man do???

Mozart! Das Musical

JUNSU Mozart

Junsu playing Mozart?  Oh yes!  Now here is a musical I would have LOVED to have seen up close and personal.  It must have been pretty spectacular.  In 2010, he brought home the Best New Actor AND Most Popular Actor awards at both the 4th Musical Awards and 16th Korean Musical Awards.  He also won the 2010 Golden Ticket Ticket Power Award for Musical Actor.


I think it is safe to say he has quite the stage presence.

Tears of Heaven


In 2011, not resting on his theatrical laurels, he next showed up playing Jun-Hyung in Tears of Heaven.  According to my research, the musical is about a Korean soldier (Junsu) who falls in love with a Vietnamese singer during the Vietnam War.  I  would have been all over this one, to be sure. I am a complete sap when it comes to romance.  Add Junsu to the mix and ~~~~~~~THUNK~~~~~~~~!

Woah…that was impressive.  And…he won more awards for his role as Jun-Hyung!!  Once again Most Popular Actor at both the 5th Musical Awards and 17th Korean Musical Awards.  He was also honored at the 3rd Asia Jewelry Awards as winner of the World K-Pop Superstar Award.  Wait a second…no offense Junsu, but how did Rain not win THAT one???   True, he went into the military in October of 2011 and this award was handed out in December 2011 – but wouldn’t he have qualified based purely on his work up until that point???!  See, even when I am supposed to be focusing on the K-Shot of the moment, my thoughts (and allegiance apparently) always drift back to Rain. <hehehheheh>  Truth be told, Rain is less of a K-pop star and more of a R&B singer who just happens to be Korean.  Ok Junsu, you got that one, well-deserved!



Oh man….does this one sound epic and awesome!!  I need for him to reprise each and every one of these roles in a private performance for me, especially this one!!!!  Elisabeth tells “the story of Elisabeth (“Sissi”), the Empress of Austria, from her engagement and marriage in 1854 to her murder in 1898 at the hands of the Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni, through the lens of her growing obsession with Death as her marriage and her empire crumble around her at the turn of the century.” [Source: Wikipedia]

Junsu plays the character named Tod who happens also to be death personified.  He won praises left and right for his performance in this musical.  Musical director Kim Moon Jung said of Junsu, ” I think he has finally grown up as a genuine musical actor who knows how to interact with other actors and audiences. He’s genius that he could have such a great performance at the premiere performance.”   Composer Sylvester Levay said, “Junsu performed with various different charismatic looks. Sometimes he was scary, sometimes he was dark, and sometimes he was like a beast, following around Elisabeth. Junsu’s performance was so perfect and satisfying.” [Source:  Starnews/Credit:]

He took home awards for the third consecutive year: Most Popular Actor at the 6th Musical Awards, Most Popular Actor AND Best Actor at the 18th Korean Musical Awards and won the Musical Actor Ticket Power Award at the 2012 Golden Ticket Awards.

Here he is performing The Last Dance live at the June 4, 2012 Musical Awards – I’m speechless.

Genius. Perfect. Satisfying.

Junsu – The Model

KJS Marie Clare1

He has such a unique look and is not afraid to mix it up style-wise.  I like that he takes risks.  He also happens to have large, lovely hands.  Yes, I do notice these things!!!!

Junsu hands


junsu all black




KJS Handshot



KJS Raining


KJS Face Close



Model Junsu



KJS College

KJS Couch

KJS Champagne


KJS Black stripes

Xia Silver hair\


Candid Junsu

These lovely pictures are Twitter uploads from the man himself.  He has such an ethereal quality about him.  He is just lovely.  [Source:  1215xiahtic]

Junsu Candid1

Junsu Candid 8

Junsu Candid 7

Junsu Candid 9

Junsu Candid 3

Junsu Candid 6

Junsu Candid 2

Junsu Candid 10

Junsu Candid 5

Junsu Candid 4

Other candids:

junsu candid

KJS Mountains

kJS Candid

KJS Candid Airport

Oh, did I mention how gregarious and delightful he is.  Indeed, he most surely is.  I like this little question/answer gig he did recently.  He is so natural, engaging, not scripted, and just adorable.  Like Rain (yeah, I had to bring him up again), he has an easy, beautiful smile that is just infectious and electric.

Final Thoughts


I started this post all googly-eyed and swoony for Junsu in kind of a superficial way.  Yes, well at least I can admit it!!  I sum up here with an entirely different feel.  Don’t get me wrong, he still makes me all swoony when he sings, dances and even speaks (he has a rather sexy, husky voice, doesn’t he?  And his hands…..I’m a hands girl.  I love a fine pair of hands and adore them more then they are attached to an equally fine pair of arms/biceps!).  What I mean is, I am walking away with an extreme appreciation for his incredible talent.  For the past 16 years he has been working on his craft and it shows!  I have read in various places on the internet wherein people comment that he should just dump K-pop and go full boat as a theatrical music actor.  I happen to think he can balance both perfectly. His incredible work on the theatrical stage is proof he has the tools to be a well-rounded actor who can sing and dance.  That short clip I shared of his number in Elisabeth is four plus minutes of an extremely nuanced performance.  Watch it again and note his facial expressions, his body movement, and his complete absorption in the role of death stalking a victim.  I am sure in the context of the actual production, it was probably a sight to behold!

When I listen to his work as a recording artist and watch him in his MVs, I am equally mesmerized and wouldn’t want him to walk away from that part of himself simply to pursue musical theater exclusively.  They are equal parts of him with each feeding off of the other resulting in an astounding talent that is both entertaining and awe-inspiring.  So long as he is able to bring his provocative style to both, then I think fans from both camps will be pleased.

And, ok, I know that I have interjected Rain here and there throughout this post but it is with good reason.  Both of these guys were coming up the ranks pretty much simultaneously.  When Junsu was signed at 11 by SM in 1997, Rain was 15 and getting ready to debut the following year with Fan Club. It is no doubt Junsu was probably aware of Rain, absolutely.  In 2003, Junsu was 17 making his debut with TVXQ.  Rain was on album #2 and was really exploding in the K-entertainment world.  The boys of TVXQ could have possibly looked upon Rain as perhaps both competition…and indeed, inspiration.  Well, at least Junsu might have.

I LOVE this…..

I am going to continue in my endeavor to lobby for Rain and Junsu to collaborate or, at the very least, share the stage together at least once!! Please Junsu?  Please Rain?  Yes, the stage will probably ignite and explode due to the combined levels of talent and hotness, but I think we fangirls can handle it!!!  Just a thought…..


Can you imagine……??!

[All pictures and videos used in this post are property of their respective owners and are used for entertainment purposes only.]


  1. Cloud USA says:

    N-i-c-e post. And I do mean nice! Great job. 🙂

    “Mirotic” is also my TVXQ crack, so you’re not lying there in a stupor all by yourself, LOL. Junsu’s voice is simply amazing. I saw Yunho and Max live at Madison Square Garden in 2010, and once I saw the phenomenon that those two brought to the stage, it was impossible to un-see it. WOW.

    Stephe ^@@^

  2. Cloud USA says:

    Oh, I also meant to say that I would love a Rain/Junsu collab. Now, whether or not I would survive such a thing is a whole different matter, LOL!

    Stephe ^@@^

    • Michele says:

      Stephe!! Omo! I am DYING here over the fact that you are a TVXQ fangirl!! AND saw Yunho and Max live and in person. That is total amazeballs!! If Yunho and Max blew you away I can only imagine what Rain will do to you!! ;p

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I was having a TVXQ swoonfest over Mirotic and that is how all of this began – the 5 of them just wowed me. Then, while in Seoul, my lovely Cloud sister from Spain, Myriam, intro-ed me specifically to Junsu while we were hanging in a cafe in Hongdae (I MISS SEOUL!!) when she pulled up a live performance of Tarantellegra on her phone. That was enough to get the ball rolling for me.

      When I returned home, I purchased his Incredible CD (not realizing that it was actually released while I was still there) and was blown away – especially by Rainy Eyes (how apropos!). He is a lot like Rain, yet so different. And this is what continues to amaze me. If they were to collaborate and get on the stage together I am sure it would be nothing short of spectacular. For me personally, that would be epic!! The thought running through my head right now is … which one of them will hit the states first?? Either way, I will be there for both!!

      Thanks again for stopping by. Most of the time I have no idea what I am doing here but the process is highly entertaining for me, affords me tons of eye candy and, just plain fun!!

      <3 <3 <3!!

  3. shahera5 says:

    Did you know he plays soccer, too? Captain of FCMen, a celebrity team. Says if he were reborn he’d want to come back as a soccer player. Junsu is the best!

    • Michele says:

      I got that he loved to play but did not know about him being the Captain of FCMen celebrity team!! Way cool. He is such an amazing talent and interesting guy…I really am in awe of him and would absolutely LOVE to see him in any one of his theatrical stage performances.

  4. evez says:

    …this is jjang!!! i am so delighted to find this blog site…TVXQ is the first k-pop band i fell in love with and still loving until now…when i saw this group doing “Mirotic”…they really awe me in superlative degree!…hearing their good voice in different ranges plus seeing them doing choreograph dancing skills can’t help but say oh my!!! they are perfect!..I instantly became a cassie..Junsu has an excellent voice and great in singing rnb genre. He also mesmerized me when he does some footwork in his group.’Cause he’s so freakin’ sexy when he danced. Among the group he has the nicest behind..LOL!…during some of their concerts wherein they would sing live Junsu always give me goosebumps…the most tormented day of my life as a cassie was knowing that they will separate as a group…relieved to know that the three members formed JYJ and the other two remained as TVXQ though…meaning i still have them to feast my eyes on….my biggest dream as a cassie “the reunification of the group”…it could materialize or will remain as a wishful thinking…whichever, i’m just here…following whatever ventures they are in..

    • Michele says:

      Thank you so MUCH for visiting the blog!! I am SO relieved that I am not the only one out there who would LOVE to see all five members of TVXQ reunite! They are great as their separate groups, but together their voices are pure magic!!! I had Mirotic on replay for a good week! I could not get enough of it!! I have to say that Junsu is my fave across the board!! He is incredibly sexy and I think he is the best dancer out of the five. I am quite sure you have seen this fanmade video paying homage to Junsu’s sexiness…

      I only wish I could have had he opportunity to see him perform in any one of his theatrical stage performances, especially Elisabeth. All of them look like they were spectacular.

      Now, I wait for Junsu to make his way to the US for a tour. Wherever he decides to land, I will go see him!!! We are still very fortunate that all 5 are still out there doing their thing….and maybe, just maybe they will come together if for only one show….that would be GREAT!

      Oh..and I have to concur that Junsu does have the best backside out of all of them!! Indeed…the best! 🙂

      • evez says:

        ..yes i have seen that also…and you see how good when he dance!..should we say “Junsu the Pelvis”?.. or the “Bootylicious Junsu”?..LOL! ..and i do agree with you that Junsu is the best dancer among the group…his steps are very detailed and when he moves he does it with grace…i love the five members, they have their own way in expressing their skills..all of them are great for me…though as a fan girl you’ll single out your favorite..but in my case it always the group. For me that made them so special! what you said: It’s MAGIC!..i love the sexiness of Junsu and Yunho oh boy…i really love to see these two dance apart from Junsu’s great voice and Yunho’s rapping skills. I adore Changmin’s scream…i go crazy when he hits high note..Jaejoong is good in singing melody..the huskiness in his voice awed me and i consider him the cutest…seeing him doing some aegyos tickled me..Yoochun the bass voice that blended well when they do acapella and you’ll find his distinct voice in their songs…so far, i’ll consider him the actor…for having most number of dramas he had…And i’m in high spirit because just recently two members were recognized from Seoul International Award…Jaejoong, the Hallyu Star and Yunho best actor for people choice category…:) isn’t that AWESOME?… a lot of reason for me as a cassie to smile,..;)

  5. Michele says:

    Oh yes, it is so good to see them still getting recognition after being in the business for so long. I know that Junsu is tearing it up on the theatrical stage in Elisabeth – oh how I would LOVE to see that in person. He is tirelessly working with a tour and now back on the stage. Amazing!! Oh..and yes, he is quite bootylicious!!! I find him so innocently sexy. It is that combo of sweet and sexy that is so attractive. Rain possesses that attribute as well. It is so very disarming.

    You said it so well about the 5 of them and their collective voices. They each bring something vocally that is so unique but when put together…OMG!! I think the BEST display of that is Bolero. How they trade off individually and when partnering shows that each are strong individually and each pair well with each other. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Junsu opens the song then Yoochun and Yunho pair off, Yoochun deep bass voice…so sexy. THEN the explosive combo of Junsu and Jaejoong………OMG! Then Changmin and Junsu. Please….the torture is so sweet!! Seriously…the way they paired off in this song is nothing short of spectacular. Pure. Vocal. Perfection. I go back to watch the live 3rd Bigeast Fanclub version over and over again because it just blows me away EVERY TIME!! When Junsu goes solo in that song about mid-point and hits and holds a note, it sends chills throughout my body… amazingly good. And when Yoochun hits the high one….dear god. If only to do this one song, I ask that they reunite…just once!! ^.^

    I am just starting to catch up with Yoochun’s acting. I have only seen I Miss You so far but have Rooftop Prince queued up and ready to go when I have time! I thought he was REALLY good in I Miss You. In fact, I even think I was crushing on him a little bit…LOL!!

    Bottom line is that they are all unique and talented in their own way…all are handsome too. So, they are not just a group of guys with a pretty face. There is solid, SOLID talent there. I think Junsu probably has the most aggressive work ethic…seriously, have you see his practice video for Incredible? I nearly pass out from just watching all of that energy explode and it is only a practice!!!!

    So much fun TVXQ/JYJ-swooning with ya!! <3 Have you ever noticed that prior to the split, whenever they are on stage (pretty much anyway) or photographed, Yunho and Changmin are on the right standing next to each other and our JYJ boys are always to the left standing together. I thought that was very telling in how they ultimately split and carried on separately.

    • evez says:

      ..and as a fangirl TVXQ is killing me with squee and spazz each they’re on my screen…and you are right there so much swOOning i promise!..:)<3..Korea keeps on introducing k-pop groups be it SME, YG or JYP…but nothing beats the way i feel about this group..though, from time to time i selectively liking some cuts from other k-pop group…and you will be awed by knowing that this entertainment agency really trained their artist before giving them a grand introduction to viewers..that something eh?..and it paid well..k-pop groups are fast increasing and selling like hot cakes in the music industry and invading not only Asian but Western and European as well…

      YAY that you start to watch Yoochun in his dramas…as much as i like Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye i don find "IMY" as a worthy watch…but if you're about to start "Rooftop Prince" that one is really good…but the most i like is "SungKyunKwan Scandal"….you'll find extended castings adorable..Soong Joong Ki/Yo Ah In..the bromance part of these two are so good..Park Min Young is pretty well portraying incognito.

      And yes, i'd noticed that too..and i guess you're right they have to do that in order to tell the fans.."we are two separate groups now"…i don't know why SME had to let them separated…many queries have running to my mind until now…should we enchant SME?..i'll cast them a spell to make the group back in one again!…LOL!….i'm sure all cassies are going to go wild when that happens.

      Good thing i have my playlist bursting with TVXQ/JYJ songs..on my daily way to work i have to play it on while on trip….;)

  6. Michele says:

    CAST THAT SPELL!!! Like I said, even if for only one show, it would be amazing!! I got stuck on a live version of their Begin video yesterday with Yoochun sitting at the piano in the center and the rest of the guys surrounding him singing that beautiful song. Seriously, when I listen to the 5 of them sing together, the world just seems prettier!! ^.^ Then, when I need some hot, I go over to Jun’s Intoxication…..sizzle!!

    I toughed through IMY…and was I ever aggravated by the final episode!!! I went into that one wanting to see Yoo Seung Ho and was surprised by Yoochun. It was not a good story which is a pity because the drama had 3 very strong actors. Oh well…they all can’t be good, right? I have heard of SKKS and all of it good. I admit to being a little fascinated by Yo Ah In so that one is definitely on my radar!!

    So many dramas….so little time!! But the music is always prevalent. Thankfully they have put out a ton of music over the past 10 years both together and individually, and hopefully there will more to come!!! Because those boys can sing!!

  7. evez says:

    …hahaha!..actually i’ve been cursing SME more to let this 5 awesome guys go in separate much as i want to stay this group intact, i don’t know the real story behind so i just content myself accepting the fact, anyway they are still around.. alive and still doing their respective skills that continues to KILL us…LOL!

    You’re right that IMY is such a disappointment…good castings but poor story-line..Not even the smoldering of Yoo Seung Ho can save it…

    Begin is one of the best song they did…you see how good their voices are?…oh boy! they really nailed it!…these 5 guys are EXTREMELY good in singing live!…that is why i fell in love with the group and and it gives you so much joy when you see them performed….the sad part?…it pains me to think that five of them are separated..>.< *extreme sad-face*…

    And i'm in the same opinion with you when you said "so many dramas so little time"…so what i do is just select the drama i like most..this is kinda weird by i do overlap my drama watching and i am adapt to it already.

    And a YES for me also for more TVXQ/JYJ endeavors!

    • Michele says:

      You know, it would be great if they all continued to nurture their respective talents individually then we would be getting a constant flow of the five of them on a rolling basis!! LOL!! But, together they are just so wonderful!!

      I think they are probably one of the few groups out there (when they were all 5 together) that sounded even better live than in the studio!! That is just pure talent. In Begin I LOVE Yoochun playing the piano. SO HOT!! Plus the long hair…OMG.

      Then I found this acoustic JYJ Be My Girl video and swooned to the floor with Yoochun opening the song up with his deep voice. I hope he doesn’t abandon singing altogether for a full on acting career. He has such a sexy voice. Uh-oh, Jun…you have some competition! LOL!!!

      Can you tell me, where are you from? Have you been to Seoul? Just curious! Absolutely loving the spazz session we are carrying on here!! LOL!!! <3

  8. evez says:, i haven’t been to Seoul and how i WISH i had!…infact, one of my wishful thinking is to be a Korean!…how i wish i was born there…LOL!..but i am just a HUGE fan of TVXQ/JYJ and a k-drama addict…I am from the Philippines and this Korean thing had known to me since 2006.

    y’ know it’s a great thing to exchange spazzing moment with you i was able to know your blog site through your fellow i’m venturing to her blog roll i click this page of yours and it delighted me to see an article about TVXQ/JYJ…and it always good to feel that like her yours is one of a kind..i like someone that can relate and reply with passion..Both of you responded in sweet manner and give informative details and thank you for sharing your precious time in replying..

    Oh, Be My Girl’s is a full length English song and it’s really daebak! will be awed ‘coz they sing in English so well..and you’ll hear Yoochun and Jaejoong voice fantastic but Xia is of course the soul engine…and i agree with you again in saying that this group sings best in live…aaahhh…i couldn’t find any K-pop group that can sing like them..errrr, or this fangirling in me only focus to TVXQ…hahaha..i don’t know but may days wouldn’t be complete without listening to their songs or visiting their you tube channel…*deep sigh*…been loving this group much more…<3<3<3

    • Michele says:

      OMG…that you called lovely, sexy and dreamy Junsu the ‘soul engine’ of JYY is just SO PERFECT! In Be My Girl, I just love how Yoochun opens it with that deep voice of his. His voice is such a lovely contrast to Junsu’s and Jaejoong falls nicely in between the two. So lovely. Their three part harmonies are delish. When Junsu comes with those big notes…it just sends chills all over my body. His song Rainy Eyes from his latest CD just blows me completely away. Still, I do dream of that 5 part harmony reunion!! LOL….a fangirl can dream, right?

      You are a seasoned fangirl, I see!!! I am a relative newbie, no wait…I AM a newbie! I don’t even know if I have hit my year of being into K-drama yet. In fact, I think that will be this month!! The music part came even later and that only happened when I found out Rain was a singer and not just an actor. Imagine my surprise when I discovered he was a singer first and foremost. That set the entire K-music ball rolling for me. I admit to being pretty clueless. But, when I stumbled upon TVXQ my interest was piqued. It wasn’t until I was IN Seoul that it really took off for me. I was hanging with two lovelies from Spain who threw Junsu in front of me. That was all it took. I was smitten and knew nothing about him at all whatsoever other than he could really sing and was, well…cute! So really my blog is all about getting to know these guys. I can let you in on a little secret, I am going to try and rotate an actor with a singer in my Shots. Rain was my first and although he acts, I would consider him a singer first. Followed by Hyun Bin who has done some singing but is an actor first and foremost – followed by Junsu who is definitely a singer first and foremost. So…a full on actor will be next. 🙂 I am pretty sure who it will be, but still have him up against someone else who is commanding my attention as well. K-shot showdown as to who will be next! LOL!!

      Ahhh. you are in the Philippines. I certainly hope you were not affected too bad by the recent typhoon rains that hit the Philippines so very hard. Now at least I know what time zone you are in! 🙂

      Thank you for the very nice comments and of course for even visiting the blog. I am just a goofy fangirl who likes to look at pretty!! It is really that simple!!

  9. evez says:

    :)..First of all..thank you for your concern…you see our country is a favorite destination of typhoons and LPAs..they do love to visit our country!..wouldn’t it be great if those typhoons are like k-pop group such as of course TVXQ/JYJ and Korean hunks! …surely you would say “IT’S RAINING MEN”!…LOL!..kidding aside, thankfully i’m not in the areas that have been badly hit with monsoons…

    I should say i am seasoned ‘coz the Kdrama introduction to me was since 2006..But during that time i am not that fully aware about kpop and kdrama thing. At that time, i would only prefer to watch a drama because it was telecast to our local channel or i’ll watch it depend on the castings…the first drama i watched was “Attic Cat” which starred Kim Rae Woon. I’ve seen it through simulcast viewing..a rom-com mediocre but it’s ok..and then there’s Full House..i love this one..Bi Rain and Song Hye Kyo tandem…it’s fun and there’s so much lovable bickering between the two..Song Hye Kyo is so pretty and fresh…honestly Rain did not give a spark to me then yet and I’m more ogling the second male lead Kim Sung Soo…until i heard Rain’s voice singing one of the OSTs of this drama..y’know i’m an OST sucker….i said *oh my!..he can sing*..then google his info…and wow! he can dance! and he dances so good!…that’s something for an actor eh?…..the first rom-com drama that really made me crazy?…”My Name Is Kim Sam Soon”…i would have a *great squee* each time the dimpled prince<3binnie<3 is on my screen…omg!..i learned to say *omo*..this drama is worth watching for really entertained me..I find Kim Sun Ah's acting skills so good that it blended well with Hyun Bin..after watching "MNIKSS" that leads to a never ending search on kdramas/OSTs/Khunks/with kpop thing on the side..

    And because i love OSTs i came across TVXQ on YT…there goes my very first k-pop group…five GORGEOUS guys that carry an extraordinaire TALENT!…then the spaaazzzing never ends…

    You being a newbie?… i know that there is always the first time…and i don't see you as one…i find your blog site great!..:)..for me being a blogger is not an easy task..can you imagine that?'ll have to consume time and gather the juiciest and informative materials that will surely give a spark and entice readers….wishing you more k-shot postings!<3<3<3…

    ….excited to see your next k-shot post!..if it's an actor who could it be?.

    • Michele says:

      Thank you so much for the encouragement and for continuing to visit! And I am very relieved to hear that the area where you live was not hit hard by the recent typhoons. I am in total agreement that an influx of K-pop stars and K-drama actors should shower upon the Philippines instead of the heavy rains!! I would wish that upon the US also!!!! But if the Philippines proves to be the magnet to draw them, I am coming there!!!

      Oh please do not get me started on Rain!!! He is such an all around wonderfully talented entertainer. When I found out he sang, I could not believe THAT voice was coming out of him. So nice. So smooth, deep and sexy. SWOOOON!! Then when I saw him dance, well, that just took him to an all new level for me. Any man who can move his hips like that…ahem.. JUNSU, you are included in that my love…is A-OK by me!!! Where are all these K-men getting all of this rhythm???? Really, it just doesn’t seem feasibly possible that they should be able to move their hips like that!! What is in that water in South Korea?????

      I am a HUGE fan of OSTs as well. I absolutely adore the OST for Secret Garden, think it is fabulous. The OST for Arang & The Magistrate is another I really like. And even though I do not own it, I thought the music in The Snow Queen (the Hyun Bin drama) was beautiful. I thought that drama was beautifully filmed as well. I just was not thrilled with the lead female actor in that one. Love love LOVE the OST for Coffee Prince, too.

      Ok so wait…I own the soundtrack to FH and I there is not a song by Rain on it. Was there as Part Two OST???? I will need to research that right quick! I was hoping to get the Three Bears song on the OST as I thought it was so cute when Song Hye Kyo sang it, but even cuter when Rain had a go at it!! LOL!!!

      I started working on my next K-shot….oh it takes me a while to get rolling but once I do, it kind of writes itself. That’s a good thing! Finding good pictures is always a challenge ,but hopefully I will bring the goods and do the next one justice.

      I have to tell you that today I was on a complete Mirotic bender. I kept listening to it all morning! So good. Even better with a visual. I love seeing them perform it at an awards show of some kind. When they pan the audience all of the young K-poppers are totally grooving along because they KNOW they are watching K-pop royalty! For real! 🙂

  10. evez says:

    ..oopps!.. i stand corrected…but i think i got it wrong :( wasn’t Rain who sang “Why”’s Oon Myung…gosh!..i downloaded all the Full House OSts from YT…funny the song labeled under Rain’s name?…oh think it’s been on my playlist for 5 yrs?…how come i didn’t know that it wasn’t Rain?…i have to check again when you said you didn’t know about it..?..and it is unthinkable for you not to know since you’re a Rain girl…and it so dumb for me to got it wrong…mianhamnida….of all FH OSTs i love “I Think I Love You by Byul…so nice…that i did some effort in memorizing the lyrics..LOL!..

    And OSTs are about to explode in my playlists and it keeps on accumulating as the days past…more k-dramas more OSTs to come!….honestly i have not seen Hyun Bin’s Snow Queen..i think the female lead is Sung Yuri? she was a from a kpop(F.I.N.K.L..?) group i think…the female lead also in “One Fine Day of Gong Yoo…

    YAY that you’re listening to “Mirotic”…count me in…old school never dies…so cool…that i have all the live versions..

    And i’m in the same opinion with you : where these Korean guy got their amaaazing talent in singing and dancing…?…they are extremely good!.. and i’m pretty sure even you have some k-pop biases still TVXQ/JYJ is numero uno in your list…:)

    Kpop group has been visiting our country quite often…EXO-k and Shinee minus Choi Minho had just graced a one night concert here last September 7…and if my memory serves me right..SUJU went here twice already…EXO as well..and there’s FT Island/Ukiss/Infinite/some SNSD/2ne1…but to my dismay no..TVXQ/JYJ…and when that happens…i really got going no matter what!… hahaha!…

    Like what you said..a fangirl can dream….:)

    • Michele says:

      Yes….you are lucky to live in the land where K-pop/K-drama stars frequent!! But I think that wave is encroaching on US shores more and more. There are many K-pop fans here. I think I heard that Infinite is headed to the US for some shows and of course Junsu and JYJ did shows here in the past as well as TVXQ. This was well before I knew who they were!!! Like I mentioned, I am pretty new to all of this but hopefully am catching up!

      I admit to not really getting into other K-pop groups as much. I like quite a few of Super Junior songs, but really that is all. TVXQ and JYJ I do have a special addiction to, however. And, of course Rain. Inasmuch as I do love our “soul machine” Junsu’s voice, I really have been loving Yoochun’s deep tones, a lot. I really need to watch Rooftop Prince to get some YC!! ^.^ I do admit to cracking out on Junsu’s Lullaby live yesterday, however. Steamy and dreamy!!! Oh my……

  11. evez says:

    ..aww! rival between k-love..that happens all the time..and it does to me…Yoochun and Junsu are special so it doesn’t matter loving them both..

    yes that Infinite had their 1st US concert tour..and this is one of the promising k-pop groups on the surface…i selectively into liking some of the members and some of their songs…i like also LED Apple…the lead vocalist Hanbyul is killing me..he really got an amazing voice.. i love him doing some cover song for various artists..but like what i said no matter what TVXQ is always on top for me and that is for SURE!…

    Hope you’ll have a great watch of YC’s “RP”..enjoy it..and after that try his SKKKS..

  12. evez says:

    …well… he is soooo AWESOME isn’ he?…this HANBYUL is such a dork!….he’s too cute with his dimples and he swayed me greatly with his voice!!!<3<3<3..if you like that cover you'll like more other Mar's selection he did…promise!..happy listening..:) you've just been kpoped again…

    • Michele says:

      The dimples…..OMG, the Aussie accent. SaaaWOON!! He has a fantastic voice. Seriously, I was not expecting that. He is just adorable. Yes, k-popnapped! All these lovelies are holding me hostage with their collective talent. Junsu (the soul machine – still LOVE that nickname) holds me captive daily. As does Rain. But my list seems to be growing. This Han Byul, well….you cannot help but take notice of a voice like that.

  13. evez says:

    ..yup…and it will grow more definitely!…nonetheless, our Junsu the soul machine is of course no.1 along with other TVXQs…i’m being emoshinki these days…what the hell SME’s doing?..not hearing all comments from netizen!..get them back together at once!..i’m keeping that faith forever!

    • Michele says:

      All of their collective careers are spouting off into every which direction – especially Junsu and Yoochun with stage work and acting. Did I read that Jaejoong is going to be releasing a solo album soon? I was listening to a little JYJ this morning and the three of them have such nice distinctive voices. To me, Yoochun’s is rich and deep and yet he can still hit those higher notes. Nice, Jaejoong’s voice is velvety to me. Nice tone, even and smooth. Junsu….well, he is my favorite. His voice is so unique and special. It lends itself so very well to theatrical stage work but is also so soulful in the true sense of R&B. And he always sings with such emotion behind the words. 11AM and Rainy Eyes off of his second album are spectacular and I repeatedly listen to No Gain or Lullaby off of that first album. Superb.

      I am a full on Rain fangirl first and foremost, but Junsu has invaded my heart with his undeniable talent and truly sweet smile. Love his smile. LOVE IT! Oh, and his hips…LOL!!! They seem to have a separate motor of their own. Aieesh!! Hot.

      After I listened to a little JYJ this morning I then had a proper Mirotic meltdown. I now label Tuesdays as Mirotic Tuesday. Yep, I sure did get sucked into Miroticland this morning!! Fangirl can’t help it.

  14. evez says:

    ..nothing can put down a true blued fangirL!…like what i said i’m being emoshinki these days so for already a week my playlist is stuck only to TVXQ/JYJ songs..

    Yes that Jaejoong will be releasing his first full length album by the end of October i think..and what can i say?…Jaejoong’s voice rocks!,,,the concept of his album will be in rock genre but a bit mellow…have you listened to his “One Kiss” and “My Only Comfort”?….awesome!.

    Yoochun’s voice is deep and in bass range so you’ll find him sexy when he hits higher note..But it’s always Changmin that made me crazy for it….i love the combination of Yunho and Changmin “Before You Go”…

    I’m an RNB girl but cater also to mellow rock and selectively of pop that’s why TVXQ/JYY musics have kept me ’cause they carry it all…:)

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