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Seoul Vegan, baby!



Well, imagine my surprise when I happened upon (purely by accident) a vegan restaurant walking distance from my hotel!! Oh yes, this V-girl’s vegan radar is up and running which is better than the wifi connectivity I am encountering on my iPhone. I am in the land of Samsung and I can’t get a wifi signal?? What’s up with THAT?

Anyhoo, I am happy to report that I had the most fantastic vegan meal last night at Oh Sae Gae Hyang.  Located down a small side street in Insadong it is a gem of a find for me!  This spread all for about $7.20US, seriously!

photo-6 copy

The kimchi literally made my eyes water!!  Spicy!!!!  Ok, so I have the food part covered while I am staying in this area of Seoul.  Now, I need to focus on the important stuff – like finding that west gate at DEMA.  Operation Welcome Rain is in full swing!! Preparing for the 10th, you know!!  We got this, Sgt. Rain….we so GOT this!!!

Author: Michele

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2 thoughts on “Seoul Vegan, baby!

  1. Looks yummy! Where do you stay in? I know there are several vegan Korean stores around Seoul. I can’t remember the names coz most of the time, it was my host that took me to places.

  2. Right now I am in Insadong. Not familiar with any of the vegan stores, but I am meeting up with the landlord of the apartment where I will be staying at from the 8th on. Maybe he can help a sister out!! :))

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