Seoul Vegan, baby!


Well, imagine my surprise when I happened upon (purely by accident) a vegan restaurant walking distance from my hotel!! Oh yes, this V-girl’s vegan radar is up and running which is better than the wifi connectivity I am encountering on my iPhone. I am in the land of Samsung and I can’t get a wifi signal?? What’s up with THAT?

Anyhoo, I am happy to report that I had the most fantastic vegan meal last night at Oh Sae Gae Hyang.  Located down a small side street in Insadong it is a gem of a find for me!  This spread all for about $7.20US, seriously!

photo-6 copy

The kimchi literally made my eyes water!!  Spicy!!!!  Ok, so I have the food part covered while I am staying in this area of Seoul.  Now, I need to focus on the important stuff – like finding that west gate at DEMA.  Operation Welcome Rain is in full swing!! Preparing for the 10th, you know!!  We got this, Sgt. Rain….we so GOT this!!!


  1. missienelly says:

    Looks yummy! Where do you stay in? I know there are several vegan Korean stores around Seoul. I can’t remember the names coz most of the time, it was my host that took me to places.

  2. Michele says:

    Right now I am in Insadong. Not familiar with any of the vegan stores, but I am meeting up with the landlord of the apartment where I will be staying at from the 8th on. Maybe he can help a sister out!! :))

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