Irresistible Insadong


As it turns out, I picked a pretty hot and happening area to stay my first 6 days in country!  The Insadong area is hopping with eateries, shops, street vendors and people, lots of people.  It is not as crazy and frenetic as Commercial Street in Bangalore.  No, there is a more relaxed and chill vibe in here Insadong.

Little side streets are a wonder to explore because you don’t know what you will find.  That is exactly how I found Oh Sae Gae Hyang.  Narrow little paths with little golden treasures.


I did take a little journey to Gangnam-du to grab some lunch and it was my first intro to the Seoul Metro system. I am duly impressed.  Clean and efficient, this is clearly the way to travel while in Seoul.  I did have my K-drama moment when I jumped onto a bus to get back to the Metro station.  I suppose my other K-drama moment was in the taxi on the way to the hotel when we crossed the Han River.  I think I crossed the Han in many a episodes in various dramas!!  Oh…and I inadvertently saw this outside a shop near my hotel:


On the other side there were Hyun Bin calendars! I was tempted but refrained.  There is just about anything imaginable in Insadong.  And, then there were these guys.  I’m pretty sure they were following me and I cannot tell if they are manufactured to look ancient or if they really ARE ancient:


And these two:


Finally, there was this pair situated in between a building and fence which led me to believe that perhaps THEY were there before the building and fence were.  Just a hunch…LOL!


I nearly had to climb over a dumpster to get this picture!

You can find some traditional fashion in Insadong and the area is replete with tea houses.  Kind of cool.  I like the vibe here.


Lots more exploring to do.  Tomorrow I will visit Kyungbok Palace.


More to follow…..


  1. kfangurl says:

    It’s great that you’re able to take us with you on your big adventure!! 😀 And it’s also great to see that you’re having a blast! <3 <3

    • Michele says:

      Seoul has charmed me and I am enjoying my time here and trying to savor it! I hope to keep posting things until jet takes off for home!! Thank you my dear for your support!! <3

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