Game On, Seoul!


It’s the final moments that define a journey and the first ones that make it possible.

I have made it through Round One and arrived safely into San Francisco. And, we got in early! Someone knows I need to get to Seoul!  Now it is time to recharge my batteries….my electronic ones, that is!  My inner battery is fully charged and ready to greet Seoul.  I guess watching those two episodes of Fugitive was comparable to drinking about two Venti expressos for me!!!  Thank you, Ji Hoon-ssi for keeping me company on the first leg of this extraordinary journey!

Cannot wait to make acquaintance with the countless Clouds who will invariably be descending upon Seoul along with me.  I don’t know what will transpire on July 10, but I can assure you there will be a celebration! We are ready to celebrate full on, Sergeant!  And as you make it impossible for us to avoid the Rain….we will make it impossible for you to avoid knowing we are there, that you have been missed,  that you have not for a second been forgotten, and that we are ready Rain, we are so ready!!


More to follow…..


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