TVXQ Tuesday: Bolero


If you want to witness greatness, I think you are going to find it right here. I have been putting off featuring Bolero because I have felt that I could not possibly do it justice. It is my favorite. And, it is mind-boggling how perfect this live performance is, truly.

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Yes, it may be a song about a sad ballerina reaching for and achieving her dreams but there is such a deeper message in the lyrics. This is such a beautiful song and considering the history of this extraordinary band of incredible vocalists, one cannot help but read between the lines of the lyrics and find so much tender sadness. This one could easily be one they sing to each other.

Forever I will continue to illuminate you
I will watch over your future
No matter where you go
I’ll continue to wish for you
I’ll protect so…

The song of joy
You’re never alone, so
Fly up with all your life’s strength
Your place is here
Your place…
Is here.


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When the high ranges of Jun and Changmin collide, it is like a lightening bolt of vocal electricity. I love when these two pair.

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I wonder….does anyone else cry when they watch these beautiful young men perform this song? Or am I the only sap in K-land today?? ^^

Whenever my beautiful Junsu opens up a song, I am immediately captivated and mesmerized. The tone, clarity and emotion in his voice just stabs deep into my heart. In this performance, however, the emotion is palatable in ALL of their voices. Yunho at the 3:30 mark took me completely off guard.

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I hope the audience in attendance during this particular performance realized after the fact that they just witnessed sheer perfection. What is so bittersweet here is to read the comments posted for this video. It is evident and clear that the majority of TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki and JYJ fans have a wish, a dream and a hope and that is to see these five magnificent performers reunite on the stage and sing together once more. That would be epic.

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Yoochun’s beautiful deep tones anchor this song and I absolutely love how Yunho follows suit to keep this even early on allowing for that crescendo that eventually explodes from the stage. And how about those two deep soothing vocals when they harmonize???? Or when Yoochun, Jae and Yunho combine……ahhhh. But all bets are off when Junsu takes over – PLEASE!!! I just want to scream. This song (especially when sung live) just tilts the world off its axis for me.  From start to finish, so powerful,  so perfect.

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  1. MommieLynn says:

    I absolutely love this song. So much so that my son and daughter sang it and posted it on Youtube for me. I miss the days of old when it was my five guys together on stage. Wishing for the day when and if they were to reunite. Oh, what a great day that would be! Always Keep The Faith

    • Michele says:

      I agree. The song is just off the chart amazing and I happen to like it more live. The emotions that pour out of them when they sing is just overwhelming sometimes. This is why I have repeatedly skipped over this one! It has been on my mind so I knew it was time. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment and for the reblog!! ♥ I too have faith that they will reunite….even if it is for one show, one song….anything – I’ll take it!! ^^

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