TVXQ Tuesday: Tonight


All it took was the opening note by Junsu in this one and I was catapulted into orbit and left spinning on my own axis trying to grab onto something and catch my breath long enough to listen to the entire song!! My dear sweet Junsu…seriously my love, must you be so vocally superior every waking moment??? And then, Changmin trailing right behind you with his plaintive cry?  Aieesh! Just another example of why these men are so respected and heartily missed in their full five man form. Just, wow.

And dear me, there is just something about a man at the piano. Yes, Yoochun, there most certainly is! Maybe coming fresh from the K-drama, Five Fingers, I am still having a thing about seeing a man at the piano (Ji Chang Wook wore the piano as a pretty hot and enticing accessory if I do say so). But before we see our Yoochun at the piano, he whispers in that smooth deep velvety tone: “Baby right now, right here.” I thought oh yes, I think we are in for a sultry ride!

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 10.56.16 PM

I love this slow, easy jam with the ever-present killer vocals these men consistently bring. Such a sensual ride.  Yoochun’s deep spoken words, the gorgeous harmonies – ALL of it! And oh my goodness when Yoochun and Junsu trade off at about the 2:31 mark. Absolute heaven! Love it! These guys and their voices never fail and are nothing short of perfection each and every time (studio or live). It’s just unnerving sometimes!! Still, I keep coming back for more. ♥

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    • Michele says:

      I think the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time was Jaejoong’s post of his conversation with Junsu where in the first line of Jae’s message he wrote something to the effect: Junsu, I love you, Happy 10th Anniversary and Jun’s initial response was simply, ‘hyung.’ I absolutely LOVE the strong sense of brotherhood these guys have for each other. It is so sweet and endearing. Western men can learn a lot from their Eastern counterparts. ^.^

      • Hyuk Ahjussi devoted fan says:

        If ever a western man treat each other like that, someone will shout out loud “Gaaaayyyy” lol. but yes, I love their interactions. Have you watch their bonjour paris? or Saipan story? The bromance is too much too handle. Every time I watch their old videos, I fall in love all over again.

      • Michele says:

        I have not seen either but I can only imagine the bromance between all of them. I will definitely check them out! I love how they so comfortably fall into place while performing. Their Bolero live is just amazing – I can never get enough of that one. Just love them! <3

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