Waiting For Donghun ~ Celebrating One Year Completed! (Day 366)

YEAH!!! One year successfully completed!!! So, let’s have some fun. K-pop fans are genuinely spoiled. Having our favorite artists and groups simply singing, dancing and performing is already a lot. But our K-pop idols go several extra miles to entertain and connect with their fans. And A.C.E is no exception. And while we often get to see our fave idols making the variety show circuit, the exclusive content they create on their own is the proverbial icing on the cake. Take for example, A.C.E leader, Jun’s ridiculously entertaining Reaction Master.

Reaction Master was pretty much Jun’s own little variety show. [Gosh, I really really miss Jun.] The premise was that he along with a special guest (one of the other members of A.C.E) would watch a string of videos edited by fans and then strung together by the group’s chief videographer, Mr. Kang. Jun and his special guest would then blindly react to those edited videos. The best part of this little show was, of course, the reactions from Jun and his guest ~ hence, reaction master. And trust me, anything goes once Jun presses the play button.

In this February 2020 episode, Jun welcomed Donghun. I knew things were going to be interesting the moment Jun tells Donghun to come in and Donghun replies, “Do I have to?” This savage hyung . . . lol. Donghun, no stranger to the potentially strange and unusual edits, knew things could get weird. He further gives Jun grief for not changing out the poster on the wall from Under Cover to Savage. Again . . . this hyung!! (I love his savagery, really.)

Things start off reasonably hilarious but then the faux pas of all faux pas happens. Let’s watch, shall we?

OMG . . . hahahahahaha!! You have to admit THAT was priceless!! First the wtf kind of edit was that?!

Swearing with eyes. I CANNOT!! And then, the realization that the clip was not edited by Mr. Kang, but by an actual fan.



Honestly, this is my all time favorite Reaction Master moment bar none. The sheer looks of shock followed by humble dismay is classic. Hahahaha!

We need a return of the Reaction Master show once the group is fully back together. Universe, are you listening?!


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