Waiting For Donghun ~ Celebrating 200 Days! (Day 200)

Back on May 17, 2019, A.C.E released their EP, Under Cover. It must have been serendipity, destiny or fate as that’s my birthday, and it was the Under Cover tour that same year that roped me in and created a new Choice. We were meant to be, right? Anyway, the entire Under Cover EP is awesome but it has two of my all time favorite A.C.E B-sides, If You Heard and Mr. BassMr. Bass is the subject of my Hunnie Cam offering today in celebration of 200 days served! Yay! Donghun in a suit, dancing to the funky Mr. Bass is really all a girl could ever need to celebrate this milestone. So, let’s hop in the A.C.E time machine and head to the International Youth Center fan sign event on June 1, 2019.

First of all, LOOK AT HIM!!! Cute and handsome all rolled into one and then put him on stage and we have to add sexy and playful into that mix. Can you tell that I really enjoy watching him perform? And then there is the whole fan sign atmosphere which is specifically designed to show gratitude, but to also simply please the fans. Groups often perform at fan signs, but there is more of a playfulness to those performances. Basically, they are not as regimented and bound by any real structure like a concert. Not that concerts aren’t fun – they are . . . but, you know what I mean. Fans signs on the whole feel more laid back and definitely more intimate. Anyway, I am rambling too much – let’s watch Donghun groove to Mr. Bass.

So much playful. So many smiles. Finger heart overload AND a little homage to Sunmi’s Gashina! As funky and fun as the choreo is for Mr. Bass, it is also quite athletic. If I have said it once, I have said it several times, A.C.E as whole are all extremely strong and powerful dancers. And, I hold firm to my belief that Donghun with his nice lines and lithe physique balances that power with grace. It always shows up, even in the funk fest that is Mr. Bass.


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