Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 99

Are you ready for something a little dramatic? Everything about the Siren:Dawn era felt dramatic, the bulk of which were the tantalizing teasers. I found myself hitting that ‘Save Photo’ button more times than I care to admit. The upside to that is that I have amassed a robust collection of potential DH One Shots to share along this countdown journey. Today another hypnotic offering of our main vocal siren. It is dramatic and visually spectacular which kind of comes part and parcel with Donghun.

SIR! Hello 911, can you send a medic . . . there seems to be a fangirl down. I repeat, FANGIRL DOWN!! Seriously, did the stylist come to him and say, “You should wear this” or did he raid the stylist’s A.C.E wardrobe room, pick this up and say, “Today, I will choose violence.” Look, I know our favorite idols like to launch a visual attack or two with any given comeback, but this is just an assault on all the senses.

That said, I absolutely love it. Sirens are dangerous after all and their power and influence intoxicating. Donghun got the memo and delivered.


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