Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 87

It’s time for a little Day In The Life with Donghun. Today, I will take a clip from his May 19, 2019 Vlog when he spent some time with Wow. It is the little bits of conversation and comments that make these vlogs so incredibly enjoyable to me. I don’t know if it is intentional for Donghun, and the rest of A.C.E for that matter, to show us how relatable they really are and that, even though they are artists and idols, their day to day lives (when not idol-ing) are really no different than yours or mine. I mean . . . Donghun takes a subway train to meet up with Wow. You cannot get more relatable than that, right? Come check out the clip, it’s really chill and cute.

The two eldest brothers really do seem to enjoy each other’s company and it comes as no surprise. Donghun, Wow and Jun were all trainees together before they came to Beat Interactive to become part of A.C.E. There’s history there. Anyway the two of them are always so very cute together and invariably make each other laugh. In the clip, we will get a little taste of their repartee; but the real killing point of conversation is when Donghun states why he does not like to exercise, a pulled thigh muscle, and the onset of achy joints.😅

Okay so wait. In 2019, Donghun was 26 western years old. How is that old?? I suppose it is not all that far fetched for someone so young to suffer achy joints now and then because of the constant dance training our idols are subject to both pre-debut and even more so after. And definitely pulled muscles are part of the program as well, unfortunately. But Donghun’s lamentation plays so well given he is the eldest member of A.C.E. Still, when he is sitting in that medical office basically getting scolded, I could not contain my laughter.

I adore his vlogs just about as much as I adore him.




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