Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 73

헐 . . . I am not going to lie, it is getting really difficult to keep up with Donghun’s Instagram updates! I am not complaining as I do LOVE that he is updating so frequently. But. The difficult part is keeping things organized and timely for this countdown. So, Mr. Lee is certainly challenging my ability to maintain order here — but then, this challenge is worth the effort. Again, while I was sleeping and had Day 73 all wrapped up and ready to post, Donghun took to his Instagram account and gifted us an update.

I am affectionately naming this Dongstagram post, The Eyes Have It, mostly because his caption, but also because you know how I feel about Dong Dong’s expressive eyes. From his December 3, 2021 Instagram update, in the order posted, I give you Donghun’s eyes and also their view:

Caption: 👀

Our handsome main vocal, always including those aesthetics in with his updates. My only question is . . . who is he watching these sunsets with?🤔


[Image cr. bldhue]


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