Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 68

Our Choice cups continue to runneth over! I went to sleep, woke up to find that our thoughtful Mr. Lee took to his Instagram account for a second day in a row, serving up a fresh new seven shots all of himself save one. I wonder if he will continue this update method going forward; you know, lucky number seven? It is overwhelming to be sure, but I am not complaining. In fact, it almost feels like he is not away as he is staying very much with us in these early days of his service.

A vision in black, Donghun donned a comfy Greemy hoodie (a word about this later), his warm Champion beanie, sat down to have a cup of coffee and ultimately took in another soothing sunset. From his November 28, 2021 IG update in the order posted:

Donghun and his sunsets . . . everything about this series is relaxing, healing. An afternoon cup of coffee after being out and about taking pictures (my imagined story behind these pictures) capped with a soothing sunset. Honestly, I hope he is feeling truly at ease, healthy, grounded and well.

If you are a camera nerd like me, you might want to know what kind of camera Donghun is using here. It is a Kodak Mini Shot Combo 2 Retro Instant Print Digital Camera + Printer. Pretty cool, right?

Oh and if you are looking to grab yourself one of those hoodies, the brand Greemy might be able to hook you up. The name Greemy, according to the company’s site is a combination of the words greed and my — in short, my greed. According to Greemy:

“Because of the negative connotation behind “greed,” a lot of people couldn’t display it as much as they wanted to. However, the was something that was harmless to everyone else. This brand was made because we no longer live in a generation where we have to hide ourselves.”

I don’t know if Donghun consciously sets out to wear clothes that are fashion statements, provoke conversation, promote a local brand (Greemy is a South Korean company) or if he simply wanted something toasty warm to wear on a chilly autumn day. He is going to look great in anything he chooses to wear, but it’s kind of cool when he wears something that seems out of the ordinary and makes you think . . . hmmm, that there is a pretty dope hoodie, wonder if I get one? If you have been a K-pop fan for some time, I can bank on you wanting to own an item of clothing, shoes or accessory your fave artists have worn. Am I right?

Looks like Donghun’s Greemy hoodie may have been a special edition or from a previous collection – but there are other hoodies available on the Greemy site here that may pique your fashion interest.

Can’t wait for Dong Dong’s next update . . . and what he will share and wear!


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