Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 56

Today a little of the mundane. Well, I am not sure idol life is in any way mundane but they (like the rest of us) do have days when they do things that are not noteworthy or are, for lack of a better term, normal. For us non-celebs, getting a chance to see a day in the life of our fave artists is interesting not because it is so amazing, fantastic and enviable, but rather, because we get to see that they are not that much different than any of us well, when they are not doing idol things, that is. The A.C.E members have offered many a day-in-the life videos through vlogs and I am going to take little slices of Donghun’s to share in the countdown.

In his vlog videos Donghun sometimes does idol things and sometimes not. Either way, I find him charming and don’t mind being a little voyeuristic (since he is letting us). A short clip today from his vlog documenting his decision to get his nose pierced.


Some idols like tattoos, some like piercings, and some like both. I think Donghun’s apprehension is amusing given the fact that he has pierced ears. I mean, a needle going through cartilage is a needle going through cartilage, right? But I do understand his nervousness. I have pierced ears and a pierced nose and I thought the nose piercing was a more painful experience for sure. Our Dong Dong is a trooper and a responsible one at that, preparing for any post-piercing inflammation and/or infection.

Final verdict: I likey. Simple stud or ring, he rocks them both. I approve, sir – even though I have to admit that your best face accessory is your brilliant smile.



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