Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 54

A little something playful for this DH Selca Magic post. Selcas run the gamut when it comes to poses, falling under various categories including: pensive or playful (or any other adjective that would fall within the realm of those two general categories). They could even fall into both simultaneously. I mean, there could be such a thing as ‘pensive with a pout’ ~ hehe. For the record and in my opinion, anything with a wink or a pout would most decisively be playful, even flirty. I offer playful today and leave you with the choice of captions: Good morning or Good night.

Anything with a wink or a pout . . . .😘

Idols in their comfy pajamas is one of my weaknesses to be sure. I just find it incredibly adorable. Anything pajama-themed ranks high on my list. I don’t know if it because pajamas represent the epitome of comfort or if it is because there is some kind old school sense of sleep/loungewear style that seems both demure and classy. Either way, I like the beautiful color coordination here of plaid on plaid Mr. Lee is sporting. Comfy, traditional and stylish.


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