Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 31

Something short and sweet for Day 31. How about Donghun taking on a Cosmopolitan TikTok Challenge? Wearing bright red with bright red highlights in his fluffy hair, our Dong Dong tries to hop on the gravy train.

I am not fully TikTok saavy, but I have had moments of scrolling into the oblivion of many a TikTok black holes. I know these dance challenges are extremely popular and I also know that many K-pop groups often have their own challenges when new music is released. I am beginning to wonder if they are making music with an eye towards having a TikTok challenge as part of the promotional mix. I don’t know if it is pre-meditated or if it just happens.

Anyway, I have seen many K-pop idols attempting a variety of TikTok dance challenges. And, it usually goes either way. Meaning, either they are able to master it (most often the case) or completely butcher it; however, the butcher moments often happen when they are only given one view and/or one practice chance, and then have to dance the dance. They always manage to  make it look good, even with mistakes because a good dancer knows how to improvise. Highly entertaining.

Let’s see Donghun attempt The Gravy:

Hehehe….so cute. Why does he seem so shy?? He looks like he had it down pretty good. Give him another minute and I am confident he would have it mastered. Because when it comes to dancing . . . it’s all gravy to him.*


*If “it’s all gravy” to you, it’s all good and you are probably enjoying life and its little luxuries.😜



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