Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 30

A couple weeks ago, I debuted the Pre-Debut DH series here within the countdown and talked a little about Donghun’s fateful beginnings as a contestant on the Korean music talent program Superstar K5. I mentioned then that Donghun did pass through the preliminary auditions to land in the top 100 and went on to compete. In fact, he eventually made to the finals, as in top ten. But here’s the twist, he landed in the top ten as part of the four member group, Plan B.

Can you imagine that the only way to stay afloat in a music competition program is if you are forced to band together with other soloists in the competition and no longer compete on your own? And then still try to win as part of a group? That is what happened to Donghun and three other contestants on Superstar K5. The irony of course is that they were called Plan B which as we all know is essentially a back up plan if the first plan doesn’t…well, go as planned. I don’t know. It kind of gives me One Direction vibes.

Can you also imagine joining Superstar K5 with your own group, two members get eliminated, and then you are forced into the makeshift Plan B? This was Plan B member Choi Jung Hoon’s fate. His rock group, Jannabi, went on Superstar K5 for exposure. Two members were eliminated but Jung Hoon survived elimination and along with Donghun, Yoon Tae Kyung, and Lee Kyung Hyun, became Plan B. They made it to the Top 7 round before they were collectively eliminated, but were nevertheless an audience favorite.

Here they are covering Shinwha’s Pray For You:

I love seeing these early Donghun moments but there is just something about being forced into a group situation in order to avoid elimination on a competition program that just does not sit well with me. That said, I know that it was all a necessary part of Donghun’s journey. Since I have not watched the entire season of Superstar K5, I have no idea how this affected any of them. I did read that Jung Hoon wanted to be eliminated along with his Jannabi members but they encouraged him to join Plan B and continue. As for Donghun, Tae Kyung, and Kyung Hyun, I would imagine they probably would have done what it took to stay in the competition, even if it meant giving up their solo status to do so.

Jannabi is still together and making music. Their latest EP was released in November 2020. Yoon Tae Kyung debuted as a solo artist in 2015 and has released a few digital singles. I could not find any information about Lee Kyung Hyun’s current status.

As for our hard-working and determined main vocal Donghun, well, he certainly found a home and settled well with A.C.E. Indeed, I would call that the bigger and better win without a doubt!


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